Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The measuring... (Jennifer)

Today when I got to the gym and pulled my card there was a note on it saying I need to be remeasured.  It has been a month and I guess that is how often they do it?  And in my opinion how awesome that that the gym automatically includes this as part of my membership?!  But I was a little nervous.  So I went over and she sent me right to the scale.  It said:  168 with my light workout clothes on it.  I am pretty much hovering in the area for weeks now.  According to their records I have lost 5 lbs in a month.   Then for the measuring... Lots of spots to measure and I didnt really know what to expect.  Obviously I was hoping to lose inches but how much do you lose in each area they measure?  See...not really something I grasp.  When she was done she said I did well and lost 6 inches(total) and although the pounds may be slow the inches are good.

Today I was technically off plan and actually pretty stressed about eating real food.  But I think I did okay, and I hope soon it will feel natural.  I decided to count calories and I am at about 1100 as of now.  I am going to aim for 1200-1300 a day for now and see what happens.  I know I should probably expect a little gain at first but I am not too sure I am prepared for that!  Probably at least a dozen times I thought "this is stressing me out, I should just get back on plan(MF)".

And being off plan opens up so many doors that I am not sure I want open.  Today I had some dried fruit.  I was picking like an old habit.  I immediately recognized it and counted it in my daily calories.  And then I poured my daughter a cup of milk and took just a tiny sip...because I could.  And I dont even drink milk.  Now...what I AM craving is cereal for some odd reason.  The heathy stuff too.  But let me tell you...all this calorie counting and measuring...ugh.  I hate it.  Medifast is so easy.  Pick a meal from the cabinet and eat it and then be excited the rest of the day about what REAL food I will have for dinner and not feel guilty about it because it is allowed.  I knew this would be stressful but geez.... And to be totally honest...if I wasnt short on food and if money wasnt so tight right now I would probably be on there ordering it up...

 I slept like a log last night after my jog.  Sometimes after I jog I get an upset stomach a while later.  I always took that as a sign over overdoing it for the calories I am eating.  But last night I had my burger so I was surprised by it.  I went to bed.  I went to the gym this morning but was totally exhausted.  I did my 40 minutes of cardio, half of my lower body workout and then when someone was on my machines I needed I threw in the towel and went to the sauna.  And just sat there sweating.  Totally exhausted.  And I still am :( That is not the new Jen I have been enjoying.   I have been battling a headache for like a week now.  Allergies?  I hope so.

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