Friday, June 25, 2010

Thursday's Weigh In and My Accomplishment (Jennifer)

Yesterday's weigh in results:  the same:  165.5.  No gain, no loss.  And even though I exercised quite a bit last week I am happy with that.  I know my body is in a transitioning stage.  I have been eating more carbs, especially for breakfast before I go to the gym.  And I am finding that there is a huge difference in my performance and how I feel overall.  Apparently carbs are excellent before working out.  And having made that realization on my own was exciting.  Today on the news they were saying that before a workout you should eat a meal with a ratio 75% carbs and 25% protein.  I havebeen eating cereal with skim milk or a bagel thin with light butter.  My breakfast is usually between 160 calories and 250.  Either is fine since I work off probably double that at the gym :)  

Today I made a new accomplishment.  I ran for 3 miles.  I am so proud of me!  Its like once you get past that "I cant breathe and need to sit down and take a rest" which was several weeks back for me, I can just add a little extra on here and there.  I dont want to become a marathon runner like some people aspire for themselves.  I just want to be healthy.  Sometimes I wonder if people are looking at me since I am on the treadmill running for a while asking themselves, "How is she that big and running for that long?".  And that is where my big girl mentality comes in.  Am I still big?  Am I just being hard on myself?  I look in the mirror and see my midsection and all the rolls it entails.  And I wonder if I will ever be at a place where I like that part?  Is it even a possibility?  I see some of these girls/women doing classes after classes which are pretty darn hard and intense and yet they are big.  Why?  Because they arent eating properly?  I doubt it.  Or because that is what their body allows for them.  Or.....since I am still new at the gym...was she a very big girl and on her way down to a healthy weight? that is something I hadnt considered.  My point is....I wonder what will be my "best" that my body allows.

My poor little girl hasnt been feeling well.  I have been so worried about her.  I am hoping it is a virus that passes and thats it.  Does anyone know if there is a stomach thing going around that lasts like a week?  That is what the dr said but it seems like a week (almost) is too long.  I hope she feels better soon.  I just want to see my baby her happy and energetic self again.  Seeing her laying on the couch not acting herself breaks my heart.

FYI:  According to Trish she is back on plan with Medifast and says she will be making a reappearance on the blog....  I have been feeling a little lonely on "OUR" blog.  lol.


Bringing Pretty Back said...

I hope your little girl feels better soon!
you ran for 3 miles! wow! good job!
61 pounds dowm! That is so awesome! I loved your comment on my blog, thank you!
Have a prety night

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Three Miles!!! You rock!! I can only read that and be jealous.... errr... happy for you! I still need to get past the gasping for breath phase!

I hope you little kiddo feels better soon!!!


Karen said...

Congrats on 3 miles! That is awesome. As far as the virus, the regular stomach virus can last as long as 7 days according to a google search I did. Hang in there. She has got to be toward the end of it. Jus

M said...

Congratulations on your 3 mile run! Don't worry about what people may be thinking about you when you run. Just think of how awesome you're looking! Great job! I'm following your blog now. Thanks for visiting mine!

Jen said...

3 miles...that's a 5K! Way to go!!! Keep up your hard work :)


Jennifer said...

Thanks to you all for your kind wishes for my little one. And thanks for the congrats on my 3 miles. It made me even more excited when I read your comments!

Margene- I am dropping you a line on your blog. I KNOW that if I got past the whole gasping for air and I need to sit down phase of running that you can too. And the feeling is amazing.

Dr Eric Berg said...

3 miles?! wow that's great! wish i can do the same. but i still have a long way before that. anyway, congratulations.