Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Week 14- a day early (Jennifer)

I wont have access to my scale tomorrow so I weighed in today.  The result:  169 lbs.  Wow.  I have been eating my lunches like I have been for a about two weeks and also been going to the gym.  I have also discovered the sauna there.  I go in there for like 15 minutes and just SWEAT.  Something about it is so cleansing or something.  I just cant explain it I guess.   Going to the gym is something I never thought I would enjoy.  But since the trainer told me what to do, and I am seeing results I have grown to enjoy it.  It is a little me time.  Trish seems to think it was the "out" that I needed.  Maybe she is right.

I am debating giving myself the weekend to eat as I please.  If I decide to do this it is with caution and by choice.  It will not be a failure.  I have not yet made up my mind.  I have remained on plan  for 14 weeks now with a few adjustements that I felt necessary to make the plan work for me.  And I think that is a great accomplishment for myself.  This weekend is our 5th wedding anniversary and we are going to celebrate.  Like I have mentioned before, life has been busy with children (one who was sick) and our new house, and we havent had much us time.  I look forward to it.

Today's reason to lose weight:
*to get into the 150's!!!! 

Today I am grateful for:
*my friends.  Today I woke up and read Teresa's blog and I was just so touched by her words.  And Trish...we had a nice long talk last night (the phone said 95 minutes Trish!!!) and it was so nice.  There is nothing like a good friend.


Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Jennifer.. great job! You are really coming along to your goal. I enjoyed reading your post. I actually long for good friends in my life, I've struggled with that for years and it's my sore spot. When I read about others neat experiences and fun & inspiring times with friends, I get a lump in my throat because I long for that. BUT I am blessed with a great husband and kids and they are a big support to me.
God Bless!

Jennifer said...

Margene- I totally agree. I have never been one to have many friends and I really cherish the ones that I do have. Trish is actually my cousin but friend by choice :) And Teresa and I have grown closer over the last 10 years or so...probably more so after we both had children I think. You are blessed to have a wonderful husband and kids.

John said...

You Rock Jennifer! Back on plan for me and feeling good too. Plus, I am out walking now too, so it will be coming off faster now.
p.s. thank for the email : )

P. Hentermine said...