Monday, June 7, 2010

I am back (Jennifer)

My husband and I decided to go to the beach for our anniversary.  Its been years since we celebrated with all the goings ons.  It was a very much needed trip and we really enjoyed ourselves.  I had written before I left that I was thinking about maybe going off plan and enjoying myself and that if I did choose to do this it would be a thought out decision and not a failure.

On Thursday we went out to dinner.  We went to an Italian restaurant that came highly recommended.  At this point I had decided that I was going to stay on plan.  I was searching the menu for a steak or a chicken salad or something that I could eat.  And I kid you not there was nothing!!!  I was like shocked.  Finally after the 3rd time the waiter came back he asked if he could help me pick something.  I told him I needed something low carb.  His response "that's too bad.  We have some of the best food around.  We make our pasta right here".  Great.  So I decided to get veal parm and that I would try to scrape the breading off.  Then it came and I didnt really care for it so my husband and I switched and I had some of his chicken parm.  I kept my veggies.  I had ordered green beans.  I am serious when  I say they came totally drowning in some kind of oil or something.  But I did the best I could.  Then after my second glass of soda I thought it tasted funny.  My husband and I decided it was REAL soda, not diet.  Seriously?  All those wasted carbs and calories?  ON A DRINK???? When we left the restaurant I was so disappointed.  Not so much in the fact that I had gone off plan, but that it wasnt food that I even ENJOYED.  We went back to the condo and went for a jog on the beach because I was so disappointed. 

The next day I stayed on plan until dinner time.  And at this point I had decided that I would allow myself some treats because it was our anniversary and since I was probably out of fat burn mode I may as well.  I was conscious of what I ate.  We went and I got Filet Mignon with veggies.  I had a little ice cream at the end.  Then we went to the boardwalk and I had an ice cream cone in a waffle cone.  It was actually frozen custard which apparently is better for you according to my hubby.  And I will say that I thoroughly enjoyed it.  My hubby and I shared it.  Then we got some fried reeses cups.  I ate one and he ate the other.  I knew I was done and wished I hadnt eaten the reeses.  It wasnt necessary.  Then we went on the roller coaster on the boardwalk.  It was so different than when we were younger and used to do it!  I kid you not when I say we had to go straight home after the ride (while I held a bag the whole way) and go to bed.  Maybe it was the junk I ate, maybe not. 

The next morning we went out for a jog again.  It was probably close to a mile and a half.  Then we went to a breakfast buffet where I ate just eggs and some bacon. I was so proud of me. I stayed on the plan the rest of the afternoon.  Then we walked what we figured to be 5-6 MILES to and back from the boardwalk.  I got another custard cone because it was just so good and two pieces of white pizza for dinner.  The pizza was to die for.  I only ordered one but definately had to get another.  I had a few little treats here or there and remember feeling like I was still in control BUT that I was excited to get back on plan.  And Sunday morning I did just that.  And I have been on plan since. 

So overall, the trip was great and even though I allowed myself to splurge, I was in control and making decisions... with thought and care.   I was not out of control and eating whatever looked good.  And this is something new for me.  I am so proud and after 14 weeks on plan I feel that I deserved to treat myself, especially since it was our anniversary and we got to go away.   I incorporated exercise into my trip and didnt just give up.  We were active.  We jogged, walked, played frisbee on the beach.  It was awesome.

And on that note...I am off the gym :)  Back to the real world.


Ron said...

Sounds like it was a good time! Vacation is definitely a time to get away from the normal routine and experience new things. I know I would not have tried the Fried Reese's and I am glad that we weren't hanging out that day since you know how much I "LOVE" peanuts and peanut butter. I didn't know you loved frisbee;-) Again, I have learned something new about my BFF!

John said...

Sounds like it was a wonderful time. Always nice to be able to spend time for the special occasions.

Laura said...

I love going to the beach with my hubby, so I imagine if you're anything like me, you had a fantastic time. :) Glad you got to get away.

Thanks for your comment on my blog. Like my sister said, my weight's probably just too spread out and I have to lose more than 35 pounds to see a difference.

Have a great day!