Monday, June 28, 2010

TV (Tricia)

So tonight my husband and I sat down and watched a show on TV and a commercial came on for Hell's Kitchen. I got so excited and asked my husband if it was starting next week. To my dismay, he informed me that it had started six shows ago...OH? Where have I been for six weeks? Riggght, apparently not watching TV. It used to be that I had a nightly line up of shows to watch for most of the week to keep me occupied, but tonight I realized that I really don't care whats on TV and told my husband not to bother recording it because I wouldn't watch it.
Last week I came home from work and realized I didn't have anything to do so I sat down and turned on the TV. And, three minutes later, I turned it off and decided to rearrange my shelves in the living room. Just a little improvement I have been thinking about for weeks, but never did. I just found myself wanting to improve something around me that before took a backseat to my couch-potato impression.
But I realized that night that I had been numbing myself in front of the TV for too long, loosing myself in the mindless shows because it was easy. Easy to just let my mind tune out to life and tune in to a show that didn't make me think about much. It allowed me to procrastinate and not deal with things for a few hours of the day..but I followed that routine every day.
I am not saying TV is bad by any means, just that I was using it badly. I never really realized how much I could get done between coming home from work and going to bed because I always filled it with shows that I needed to watch. I have set up a plan for myself to do one thing for my self or my house every night to keep me busy. It keeps my mind working and thinking of things I have been avoiding for a while.
And speaking of doing things for me...I have been contemplating going back on the Medifast diet to keep my weight loss going. I didn't plan on getting back on the wagon to be so difficult. I haven't quite decided if I should go back on it, or try to eat healthier, or if my indecision is just an excuse to keep me snacking on the bad things for one more day. I know I have to make my decision soon before I go back to my old ways, but it is getting tough to make that first step back into the swing of things.
However, tomorrow is back to the dreaded gym with Naomi to work off some of the treats I have been allowing myself.


Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

I completely know what you mean by the television! I used to do the same thing. Then I pretty much cut it out cold turkey and it really wasn't that bad! I do still watch a few shows online. You can usually go to the network or go to and see a bunch of shows. I actually started watching this seasons Hells Kitchen but then stopped because I just felt it was a waste of time. I didn't enjoy it THAT much. Anyways, watching it online is helpful because then you can get other things done too while it's on. That's what I do. I even find myself clicking away to an email or something during the "less than exciting" parts that you really only need to listen to. Anyways, great job setting priorities!

Jennifer said...

Trish- I think you should make a decision or a plan of action and go with it. Being in the confused I dont know what to do next place is not a good place to be in. You are my cousin and I love you. I want you to be happy. I think you should definately read through some of your old posts when you were on plan and see how great you felt and just how happy you were. Your recent posts are nothing like those. You are the only one who can make decisions for you. I will support you 100%. Love you:)


terr2131 said...

Trish- I Love Wonderslim. If you want something different give it a try. It is a bit more flexible than medifast and tastes way better yet it is still structured. Dont't lose the new you during this difficult time. I have been where you are so many times, but I had to make this time different. I decided that nothing in my life (no matter how bad) would make me go back to my old bad ways. You can do it!!! You have lost so much weight and you can lose more! This is just a bump in the road..... I bet as much as you dread going back "on plan" you will feel so much better!