Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cranky (Tricia)

Today, I am cranky. Well, it really started last night when I decided to go to bed at 10 because I was just so exhausted. This morning was dreary and raining. The extra caffeine I drank didn't seem to help me any. I was doing ok until lunch time. I heated up my food, brought it back upstairs and then I was called in to a meeting with one of the department managers and a supervisor and informed that I did not get the position I applied for. I am not too upset about it because I am sure the person who did get it will do well and the feed back from the manager and supervisor was really good and uplifting, not one negative thing. But after that it got busy and I forgot about my heated soup and around 4 I realized that I didn't eat my lunch or my afternoon snack. As a matter of fact, I hadn't eaten since 10:30, a big fat Medifast no-no. And I am sure that this contributed to my irritability as I had only eaten about 200 calories for the day. I ate a bar quickly, but that didn't seem to help. So, I am Cranky McCrankerson and feeling pretty wiped out. I am going to eat my dinner, throw a shake in there soon after and head to bed and look forward to a better tomorrow.
On a side note, I have noticed that the pants I was recently able to fit into are now getting too big for me. But, I dug out some clothes when I cleaned out my closet this weekend and I am wearing some shirts that were previously too small for me. In the past few days I have been going through the motions and it occurred to me that I am not really thinking of myself as being on a diet and accepting this as my new lifestyle for a while.
Last night I went out with some friends for dinner. In NY restaurants now have to list the calories of a meal on the menu and boy, were we all surprised at some of the foods. I mean, 1900 calories for one meal?! It really makes you re-think what you are going to order. Before, I never payed attention to how bad something was for me, but I think that being on Medifast, and just more conscience of my eating habits will help me continue this trend after I am back to reality. Really, how can you justify eating a meal that is more than your total daily caloric intake? And what the heck do they put in that food to make it so bad for us? And darn good.

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FrugalMom said...

It must be a fantastic feeling to have the clothes become to big. Congrats on your accomplishments.