Friday, April 16, 2010

Some thoughts (Jennifer)

This "take the bull by the horns" attitude I have discovered is much better than the pity parties I used to have. Like my husband reminded the past I would have just quit and been back to square one in no time. But I havent quit. And although the loss is slower than I would like especially for the last few weeks, it is adding up. If I had quit I would not be 23 lbs down for a total of 43 from my highest weight. I am getting somewhere and it IS worth it to me.

This time I am taking it on as more of a challenge. I need to find the sweet spot for what my body likes and needs . I have stayed on plan for the most part and didnt eat anything I shouldnt have. But I did add a little more sour cream for taste lately, or a light turkey sausage with my eggs, just little things here and there because I knew I was doing a lot of exercising and felt it would be okay. So I am wondering if this is the reason for the slow down? Or is it the total other end of the spectrum? Is it a lack of calories combined with the exercise and my body is like "what the heck girl..feed me or I am going to hold on to everything you have". I am leaning towards the last thought because with exercise and the amount of calories that I am eating my body probably isnt happy. Also, I remember posting last week about how I get full faster and cant take in my whole lean and green. That would fall right into the starvation mode thing. So I am doing my best to cut the exercise down and do a little more relaxing. Also, its that time for me and although I dont necessarily feel bloated it could affect the scale. new take the bull by the horns attitude has me fully on track. I am acting like I just started Medifast. I am measuring everything out, exercising only a little, and keeping a positive attitude. I am re-evaluating.

I will let Trish post her results for the week but I would like to take time to say this: I am so proud that you have taken your bull by the horns too!!! Your motivation is there and your results are following accordingly! Your excitement and happiness just radiates off of you. You are learning so many things about you and coming out of your shell. Not that you were ever shy but the shell that you were in when you were embarassed and unhappy with yourself. There is a whole lot of self realization and self therapy going on...hehe.

Today's reason for losing weight:
*to be a positive role model for my girls. I know I have said that I want to be more active for them, but right now I am talking about how they watch everything I do every single day. I want them to see me happy and proud of myself. I want them to see me choose healthy foods and enjoy it. I want them to see me exercise and push myself. And I want these healthy behaviors to be what they consider the norm.


Juliana said...

new to your blog. Good luck to you all in your weight loss!

Jennifer said...

Welcome Juliana! Hope you enjoy :) Feel free to comment anytime!


Laura said...

It's great that you're working on figuring out what works for you. I'm doing the same thing. WW is great, but using the extra points allowance is causing me to maintain instead of lose. So I'm going to use none of the extra points for a couple of weeks and see if it works. It's that sweet spot I'm looking for!

I hope you find yours!