Tuesday, April 27, 2010

From last week through today.... Teresa

Okay so last week I lost 2 pounds and finally left the teens into the 20's for total weight loss. I am considering measuring myself because I feel like the inches are starting to come off....that is a good feeling. The people at work keep telling me how good I look and how "skinny" I am getting. I would not go that far but I must say it is nice to hear. I cut my hair off over the weekend...it is pretty sassy and my tan is coming along really good :) so I am starting to look and feel like a new person. I have had ample opportunity to stress eat but I haven't and for me that is a huge success!!! I have been going to the gym but not as much as I would like to. I did go today...ya see I tan at the gym so that gives me the extra push I need to get there! My pants are way to big on me but since it is so close to summer I am trying to hold out to by more fashionable summer clothes. I have decided that I am into looking sexy and sassy. So my summer clothes will be just that! Which means kicking up the weight loss! I got a new nose ring which looks super sparkley with the tan!!!! Yes I know that was random but it is important because I like the way it looks! Today I had a very interesting experience.....I was at Price Chopper and when I walked through the door this guy looked at me....and kept looking at me and then when I walked by he said "Hey how are you" in a way that was kinda weird cause he was wanting me to stop and talk to him. I think he was actually hitting on me....it has been a while since that has happened.....I said hi and walked by really fast.....I'm married. The weirdest part was that he was white and for all of you out there that know me you know that I am and look like a BGD....(Jen I hope you know what that is!). So I def must be slimming down...LOL!

My reason for losing weight~ I want to play softball again....


Jennifer said...

Yaay for you! I think if you want to play softball then you should!!! Go for it!

Okay...you need to send me a picture. New hair and a new nosering? I want to see it!!!! Sparkly? where did you get it? Will I want one?????

You got checked out? Awesome? I dont think that has happened to me. However... if I ever go anywhere I have a 2 year old and three year old attached to my body usually...and those arent ideal conditions. haha. :) Married...yes we are but it doesnt hurt to have a little self esteem boost, right?

Keep up with the blogging T. It will be helpful for you in so many ways! You go girl! Want to come visit soon?

Laura said...

I'm so curious what BGD is. Would you share?

On a side note, it's kind of a cool feeling to know that someone besides your spouse (who always does) thinks you're attractive. I'd never ever act on it, because I'm married, but it gives me a little more perk in my step. :)

Tricia said...

HAHAHHAHA BGD! Teresa, you crack me up!