Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Something different (Jennifer)

I love food. Period. It makes me happy. What the large amount of yummy food does to my body is what I dont love. I read from a fellow blogger that she was able to skip the deprived feeling that I was having because she was smelling food. I, really? So then a few days later I overheard someone on the TV saying that 90% of the pleasure of food is the smell. Again, I thought....Really??? Could this be? I had to check this out. So from that point on I went around smelling things that I would have normally eaten before my medifast days. Not really randomly looking for things to smell but if it was there and I WANTED IT...then I would smell it. Luckily my husband is accomodating to my new experiment and never complains when my nostrils are on his cookie(or sub, or donut, or french fries, etc) he is in the middle of eating. I am smelling lots of foods these days and I have to say that I do get pleasure out of it...even without tasting it! I dont feel like I need to eat it because when I smell it I know that this is also how it will taste! This is an amazing concept for me, and I excited to feel like I am still getting a little piece of YUM but without the calories.

Just this morning the girls were eating the "special donuts" I had bought them at the store yesterday. They are a treat since they usually dont eat crap for breakfast. But anyway...I took that donut and put it right up to my nose and sniffed. And sniffed again. And I knew just what it would taste like. I put it down, the girls ate some. I had gotten my pleasure from just a few sniffs and then had my strawberry shake. And about this shake...I was not a big fan of this shake the first time I tasted it. But this morning I put some Davinci vanilla syrup in it along with my water and ice and used the bullet. It was sooooooo much better. Yum!!!! For snack I had a peanut butter bar and I think I will do another shake for lunch. For me the shakes are very filling and that is a good thing.

Yesterday I looked at my husband and told him that I am surprised how much control I have over myself and what I am eating. I said this after I got back from grocery shopping which consisted of mostly foods that I cant eat. To my surprise he said this: "You are doing very well. When you brought those donuts in (his downfall) I was mad but then I said..."If Jennifer can resist them so can I'". Could it be that my husband was actually looking up to my strength? Again, he is not the expressive type so usually I am stuck searching for a compliment :) Anyway...I will take it!

Today's reason for losing weight:
*Laundry. Maybe if I am not a "big girl" I will not think that going "all the way downstairs" to do laundry is such a task. The other day I heard the phrase "fake it till you make it". And so from now on there will be no complaining when going downstairs to do laundry. I will pretend to enjoy it until maybe one day it doesnt seem like such a hassle!


Lyn said...

Oh I have to tell you, it DOES get so much easier to go downstairs and do laundry! I used to avoid and dread it too. I had to take the stairs so slowly, both feet on each stair like a toddler. Now I pretty much can race up and down the stairs even with a full basket of clothes!! You will love that feeling :)

So worth it!

Laura said...

This is so awesome! I know that I have actually done the smell it not eat it thing, and it did work, I just don't do it consistently. You're doing fantastic!!!

Jennifer said...

Thanks ladies!

Lyn- it was your blog that made me realize I need to "fake it till I make it". so empowering.

Keep up the good work girls!

mbm1forever said...

Hi Jennifer,

Great post. I have found that I am satisfied with smells as well. As far as the breast reduction, my insurance requires a BMI of 34 or less. They will pay for this due to headaches, rashes, shoulder and back pain and the ridges in my shoulders. I am only 7 lbs away and I am so excited I can taste it. Let me know how it goes with you.