Monday, April 26, 2010

Frumpy (Jennifer)

Today is Monday and I went to my Zumba class. It was fun like usual. I missed it last week and missing a week apparently makes a difference! I was doing the moves but somehow it felt different. Like my body was not cooperating fully or something. Today was a very hungry day for me so maybe that is part of it. Yesterday I was hungry but once I drank my water all was well. Today I was hungry and even though I drank water all day I was still hungry :( I decided to have some of my lean portion of my lean and green before Zumba. So I took a few pieces of my chicken and felt a little better.

Another thing that is different today is that I dont see that "wow" when I am looking into the mirror. I have been seeing the difference in me more and more lately and its great! But today I am just not seeing it. Instead I am feeling "frumpy". I did wear my size 16 capris so maybe that is the difference. They are definately not tight but certainly not as loose and roomy as the stuff I was wearing. They actually fit just right. But maybe that gave me a false sense of snug since I was used to wearing clothes that had gotten too big for me? But then I got my workout clothes on and although it was somewhat better I still seem off. I wonder if I am bloated or something. Something just looks off to me. Odd right? It may be the guilt from all of the sweet italian sausage I have been eating. I dont know how I have missed out on this food for 30 years. I LOVE it! I I havent looked in my Medifast book to even see if it is allowed. I guess I just assumed as long as I weigh it and it doesnt have carbs I am good. But it could be making me retain water, or maybe it is just too darn fatty for me. I guess I just compared it to the 5 oz of hamburger patties I was eating (which is allowed) and it matched up pretty closely with the calories, fat and carbs. I guess Thursday will tell the tale since I have eaten sausage at least twice since my last weigh in... Tonight it was a salad with chicken. It was good, and filling :) Lean and green time is good :)

I will also say that my husband bought me a few more clothes yesterday , and one of the capris was a size 14! ME? wow. I know that is not my current size really but it sure does feel good that they fit!

Today's reason for losing weight"
*the other day when Trish and I were at the store looking at clothes I realized that I was looking for stuff based on if they had a big enough size for me. Some day I would like to get out of that mindset and find something that I like and then take my size off the rack and go buy it. I am so trained to look only for the "big girl" sizes and then decide if I would wear it.


P. Hentermine said...

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Karen said...

If you click on the name it brings you to a website for pills...weird...