Sunday, April 11, 2010

Medifast week 1 (Teresa)

Well I can honestly say that I am not a fan of the medifast food but the good news is that I am eating it. I will weigh in tomorrow and see if it was all worth it. The best part about this experience so far is that I have really learned to appreciate weight watchers and I know that when I go back to the ww plan I will stick to it better than I ever have. So for the first time since starting the blog the three of us (me, Jen and Tricia) were at the same place at the same time...Emma's Bday party. I just wanted to say how proud I was of everyone!!! Not one of us ate the tempting food that surrounded us and for the first time probably in our lives we were at a party to talk and enjoy people rather than wonder what type of food we would be shoving in our mouths and then proceeding to do it! I made this taco dip that Jen and I LOVE, and someday will enjoy again in moderation of course.....but anyway the dip was made and on the table and there were probably 10 or more other people at the party that could enjoy it. About 1 hour after the dip had been out Jen pointed to it and told me to look at the dip and less than half of it was gone and she said something like "all those people were eating that and there is still a ton left because you and I are not participating" . WOW hello eye opening!!!! Jen and I were eating more than 10+ people!!! And now it all makes sense...thanks Jen! I always knew I ate a lot but wow.....that did it for me I get it now!!!!! So all in all I do not miss food I am not craving food but I am actually having trouble eating 5 medifast meals a day....they just dont do it for me. The fact that I dont eat meat really cuts my options down for the lean and green so I am not sure how long I will keep on.......but when I am done I will count points until my fingers hurt!



Jennifer said...

The "dip realization" sure was something wasnt it? I am going to post about that too in a minute. I am proud of you and hope you are enjoying some of the foods that we "traded"? The thing with medifast is is totally temporary and if you follow it to a T it WILL work for you. I know that you struggle with lean and greens without eating meats and are are doing the best you can. For me, this was my last resort and some days it is more of a stuggle than others. My issue isnt that I dont like the food, because I do. My issue is that I want more and I want stuff that isnt on plan. But I am totally devoted to it for that very fact that it is my last resort. So just do the best for you and do what works for you. No one will think any less of you. YOu will reach your goal one way or another and I totally agree that medifast has this way of opening your eyes to what you are and arent putting in your mouth. I know when I am done with Medifast that I will be a much more educated and aware person when it comes to food. I am proud of you :)

Tricia said...

I think we survived the party quite well considering there was dip, pizza, zitti, ice cream, and cake.I am so happy for the three of us that are on our way!

Thanks for the Birthday wishes too!