Monday, April 26, 2010

The weekend (Tricia)

I had a great weekend! I weighed in on Friday and I am down 2.9 lbs! Nate and I went to see the Blue Comedy boys at the arena on Friday night and had 5th row seats. Jeff Foxworthy totally looked at me when he passed by down the isle. Then off to visit Jennifer and family on Saturday morning and to meet up with our other cousin driving in from Buffalo with his wife. We had a great time chatting, playing with the girls, seeing the lake, and having a nice dinner. I really hope we do it again soon. I didn't even notice until last night that I had a sun burn from the bright sun on Saturday. I came home on Sunday, said hi to my husband and then purged my closet. I got rid of close that I never wore, ones that don't fit, and ones that were very old. I did try on a few pairs of pants that were a size smaller than I currently am and they fit me, barley. But, I only have a few of them, so I will have to wait until I am a full size down and start shopping for clothes. This still discourages me though. 33lbs and not one pants size. But, I guess if I figure how long I have been in my current size, it kinda works out. I have been the same size for 3 or 4 years, but I have slowly grown into them going from kinda big to doing the bed-at-the-knee-and-push-out-your-stomach dance. I guess I am going in the right direction considering I can now take off all of my pants by just sliding them over my hips.( Ok, just a side note, I meant to write hips there and I totally made a typo and wrote

On to today. I went to work and then to the gym with Nay for a half our. I came home, prepared dinner, did the dishes, and mopped the kitchen floor. I still have so much energy. I know it will wear off soon, but I am amazed that I still feel motivated and I am not sitting on the couch yet. Well, off to have a nice dinner with my husband and spend some quality time :-)

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Jennifer said...

A few things:

1) you forgot to tell my JEff Foxworthy was stalking you...

2)were the size smaller pants the ones I gave you?

3)***nowhere in your events for the weekend did you mention how we went shopping and you visciously STOLE the picture right out from under my nose. And that is not even mentioning the sunglasses that "the kids were playing with so I put them in my purse"...AND WHAT? TOOK THEM HOME?????????