Friday, April 2, 2010

Top Ten reasons why today was AWESOME (Tricia)

10)I dumped my morning shake all over me, my desk, and the floor. But that's OK..I packed an extra bar this morning.
9)I got to take a walk with Nay
8)I got a mannie and a peddie with Nay, Pam, and Nikki
7)No one yelled at me on the phone today
6)I got most of my errands done
5) They let us out two hours early from work..because we are the best!
4)I found two pairs of jeans in the closet --with tags still on--that finally fit me
3)I learned that Jennifer and the girls are coming for a visit this weekend.
2)My car finally did its crazy revving while the off-board computer was on so my dealership will finally know that I am not crazy and my car really is broken! (this really is almost #1 because I have been dealing with this problem for a year)

I lost 5.2lbs this week!!

Today was really the best day. I am bursting with happiness so much that I almost want to do a dance. I am not kidding...jiggling fat and all!


setbro72 said...

So they will finally fix your car now??? Great!

Jennifer said...

Your awesome day was overflowing out of you last night! Yaay for you! Love you :)