Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What is my deal? Teresa

Well I stuck out the medifast thing for a week and I was down a really confusing 6 lbs. That brings my total to 17.5. I am now back to counting points because the lean and green meal was really hard for me....I hate meat and I just don't eat it. I went shopping to get some really healthy food so we will see how this goes. I went to the gym today and did 1 hour of cardio so I am proud of myself. I have not been in a week because I did not feel good and neither did Shea and the one day I wanted to go my husband had to put on his "new rims" so needless to say I did not get to go...but whatever I went today. I have a meeting after work tomorrow, plus Ron is out of town and my mom is having a surgical procedure tomorrow so....I probably won't make it. But there is always Tony Little! I think that motherhood makes me extra large. Random but true. This week has been motivating for me because on Monday I returned to work after spring break and everyone at school was telling me how great I looked. My father actually said "you are really starting to show" he said that infront of my brothers friend so I had to explain to him that my father meant I was losing weight...not pregnant!

Reason for losing weight: I am doing it for me! I never do anything for me....


terr2131 said...

yay Jen! I am proud of you!!

Jennifer said...

Go teresa! You sound like you are seeing the light. Arent fathers so funny with their words? that is so funny. I told you I could see the difference too the last time I saw you.

I have been thinking and I think that you should be proud of knowing and understanding yourself enough to do the right thing for you. So good for you.

Hope your mom makes out well today and that Shea is feeling better. Please give me a call later on.