Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My crappy blogging effort (Tricia)

I was informed today that my blogging efforts lately have been "crap." So sorry everyone! I went to visit Jennifer for a few days and then Nate and I went to the outlets in MA to do a little shopping. I was really disappointed when I was shopping for clothes. I haven't yet dropped a dress size even though I am down 26 lbs. I am now in between sizes. My poor husband had to sit in the dressing room while I was putting on clothes and then taking them right off. Clothes were either too big or too small, I couldn't find any that fit well. And, I had to face the dreaded changing room mirror. The one that gives you full view of your whole body. I have been trying to avoid them for years. I managed to leave with one shirt, and the only reason for that was because it was a wrap around and I could tighten it up! I know that I can see a smaller me, but it was very discouraging. The weight I have lost suddenly didn't feel like enough. I know it took me a long time to get fat, but I want it to take less time to get smaller. I know that's not going to happen, so the only thing I can do is stay on the plan and go day to day.

I managed to stay on plan for the whole trip. I am so proud of me, Jennifer, and Teresa for staying clear of all of the food at Emma's party. I would usually find the food and plop down in front of it. This time I pretty much stayed away from it all and sat in the living room and played with the girls and chatted. This time I think it was pretty easy because we had family and friends there, not to mention Jennifer and Teresa, so I had support.

My time off flew by and I went back to work on Tuesday. But after a long day, I was so happy to go out to dinner with my good friends Carrie and Becky for my birthday. We had a great time and talked for hours. It was a little hard for me to find something to eat on the menu so I had to change a whole meal to eat on plan. But the waitress didn't mind at all and it was really yummy. Carrie, Becky, and I have always struggled with our weight. Becky has been on WW for years and she has made it to her goal weight and looks terrific. Carrie also does WW and I am always proud of her when we go out and eat. As a matter of fact, I am usually so envious of both of them when we go out to eat because they are both so good at ordering a way healthier meal than me, but I am working on it!

Today was the first day back at the gym in a week. Even though Jennifer and I went for a long walk last week, that was really the last time I exercised. Sad, I know. It was tough for me today, but I pushed through and did my half hour on the elliptical and Nay made me do some ab crunches. OUCH. I will be sore tomorrow!

My reason for my weight loss today is to be more energetic!


Jennifer said...

I kindly gave your post a title :) hahaha. I am proud of you and I dont think you should be discouraged by your 26 lbs. That is like 5 bags of sugar. Next time you go to the grocery store I want you to pick up 5 bags and walk. And if you cant...just put 5 of them in your cart and push. that will give you a new sense of accomplishment. Good for you for going to the gym today. I am glad you got a vacation and hope you had such a wonderful time! You deserve it.

terr2131 said...

Tricia we have all been in that same "dressing room". You are right it does feel awful.....however you have LOST 26 pounds...u go girl! The size on the tag is just a is not what size you are wearing it is how you look in that size. I am at the same point. I have not gone down a size but I feel and look better in the size I put on! I can bet the pants you are wearing go on with ease now....think back about when getting the pants on required a cardio workout!