Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Walking by (Tricia)

I was walking by a row of cubicles today on my way to lunch and I heard a co-worker say to another co-worker "she is melting away." My first natural instinct was to stick my head back around the corner and return the comment that would put myself down like "please, its a long way from melting" or something like that. Something that I have become accustomed to doing as most of us heavier people do-make fun of ourselves before someone else does so it doesn't hurt as much. But I didn't. I kept walking. With a smile on my face. Obviously if they wanted me to hear what they said, she would have said it to me. And, it wasn't a mean, talking behind someones back kind of comment, it was a nice complement. So I let myself accept it. I accepted it knowing that I am making progress and people can see it. Thinking that someone noticed my commitment and my loss. And that's when a little pride set in. Yup, I did it. I lost 30 lbs and I am proud of it. I am proud of myself and all of the little goals and mini-successes that I have achieved in the past two months. I had a party in my head, with a strobe light and techno music. I tell ya, it was a rocking time in there. Lately, I have been putting more of an effort in my appearance. Even though some of my clothes are a little too big for me, I have been attempting to put myself together more. I am wearing earrings again, getting up earlier to do my hair and wearing a little lipstick with my usual make up. But, today was the first day that I feel my attitude fit a little better with my new outward appearance. I felt like I was showing my confidence by not what I was wearing on my body, in my ears, or on my face, but in my posture and in my attitude. And boy, is it a good time for this new Tricia to come around because I have an interview for a new position at my company tomorrow and I really would like to have this job. So, bring it on! I will be looking my best and giving it my all!


terr2131 said...

OMG you crack me up!!! Loved the visual of the party I felt like I was having a party right along with you! 30 pounds!!! That is awesome!!!!! Keep up the good work!

Laura said...

Good luck with the interview!!! And that's awesome that your loss is noticeable! I'm down 30, but I haven't gotten any comments yet. Oh well. I figure maybe it'll wait until I'm down 45 or something, and then the difference will be huge! :)