Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Goal? (Tricia)

My friend Brooke asked me today if I had a weight loss goal in mind. And, as I stated in previous posts, I really haven't had one. My first real goal was to lose 20lbs, which I did. I have stayed on plan for the past 7 weeks and have been able to drop a total of 30lbs altogether. I have been thinking about a larger goal for myself recently, but I haven't been able to come up with a firm number that I want to see on the scale. I think the reason for this is because I am scared that if I put a number to it, then I will have to be super committed and I don't like the idea of failing. I don't want to let myself down. I am not unrealistic either. I don't think I will ever get down to an ideal weight for my height, I think I will always be the chubby girl and I am pretty ok with that. But I have been tossing around the thought of the weight I would like to be at...yeah, still drawing a blank.

Another question that goes along with that is how long I plan on staying on Medifast? It is an expensive program, but it is working. Its working mainly because it is very structured. On all the other diets, I felt I had too much room and if I cheated one night, I could always start again tomorrow. But that is not how it works with Medifast, its all or nothing and I like that. And, I am pretty sure I am worth the cost of Medifast, as long as I am sticking to it and it works for me. I do know that after I transition off of the plan, which takes several weeks and slowly introduces foods that are not on the diet, I will start WW again to continue to lose the additional pounds. I am looking at Medifast as the beginning of me changing my habits and the jump start to what I am sure will be a long process, followed with a lifetime commitment of battling my inner fat kid.

Saying what I really want to lose is just too big of a number, and a little embarrassing, so lets just say it is a three digit number. And the idea that it has taken me almost 8 weeks to lose 30lbs, how long will it take to lose that larger number? Well, me being a little OCD and a planner, I would say that if I stayed on Medifast for the bulk of the weight loss..taking into account that my first month will be the biggest weight loss, I anticipate another..7 months on the plan. 7 months! That would take me until November! And then a transition to WW for the remainder of the weight. Oh, good grief...and this is usually the point what my procrastination and avoidance kicks in and I stop thinking of a weight loss goal because I get overwhelmed. I repeat... 7 months! Ok, ok, I am refocusing...breathing...So lets go back to basics. I can't keep thinking of a goal weight. I can't think about how long this is going to take me. I have to think smaller. Like, 50 lbs down. considering I am at 30, 50 sounds like a reasonable goal. Not too far away and achievable. After I lose 50, I can re-evaluate the situation and make another goal. (yes, I am trying to talk myself into it). Ok, 50 it is. That would put me at my pre-wedding weight and surly I would be able to buy some new clothes then. Can I get a "YAY 50?"


Jennifer said...

YAAY 50! But in all seriousness I was thinking as soon as I started reading your post that 50 lbs is such a great goal for you to aim for. Instead of being overwhelmed by the total loss you want, just focus on the little things. the little things you changed in your life. Because at this point you have accomplished an amazing loss in only 8 weeks. Even if you slow down to 1-2 lbs a week you are making great changes in your life. You are doing amazing and I am so proud of you. I dont think you should say you dont think you will get down to a healthy weight. Because you have already accomplished amazing things. Why put that restriction on yourself now? Give yourself a chance. Bring in the "sky is the limit" Trish please...

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