Monday, April 19, 2010

Still a slacker (Tricia)

Hi Everyone! Sorry for the delay in my posts! On Friday I weighed in for week 7 and I lost 3.1 lbs bringing me to a total of 30 down. I am so happy! I can see little changes in my body and I am loving most of it..except I am starting to get a little bit of a deflated balloon look to me. Time to start toning I think!

Nate and I had a pretty quiet weekend. Errands, laundry, a trip to home depot, dinner with the in-laws, and a total clean out of the linen closet. This coming weekend I think I am going to tackle my bedroom closet and start packing up the clothes that don't fit and the winter make way for the smaller clothing I hope to have soon!

Tonight after work I got to spend some time with my two favorite girls, Emma and Olivia (Jennifer's daughters) while they were in town and had a blast. They were so much fun and I had the energy to crawl around with them and pick them up, spin them and play. I also noticed that I carried little Emma all the way up the stairs tonight at a pretty quick pace and I wasn't out of breath when I got to the top to the stairs. That sounds silly to most, but I used to get out of breath just carrying me up the stairs.

Also, on my way home tonight, my car engine revved again and this time I am sure I got it on the recorder and I am calling the car dealership tomorrow. I am so happy!

Finally, I came home to my husband who folded the last few loads of laundry and we are ready to turn in for the night to watch our Monday night shows, which is really the most TV I watch during the week now.

My reason for weight loss today is:
To be at a healthy weight so I don't have to be a fat mom when we have kids. I want to not have to worry about rolling myself off the floor after playing with them. That's a good reason, I think!

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