Thursday, April 29, 2010

Week 9 weigh in (Jennifer)

I got on the scale this morning and saw 1 pound lost. My weight: 178. I had figured I would gain this week based on how I was feeling this week but I didnt! But a part of me is still a little let down. I am not sure if I exercised too much? I jogged about a half mile one day and walked 1.5, another day I did zumba, and another I just did a quick weight workout. But mainly I am guessing it was the sausage. I ate sweet italian sausage for like 3 days since hte last weigh in...not realizing it was not on plan. But...178 processed, accepted and on to the next week! I have decided to do my zumba next monday and then maybe just walk on other days. I only jogged this week because I desperately want to be healthy. Like I said is a mental battle for me NOT to exercise while trying to get healthy.

The other day I got a call from my friend. She informed me her husband(soon ex) had a stroke. He is 35 and has children. It was determined he had a fully blocked coroted(sp?) artery. How scary is that? She put it best saying he didnt smoke, wasnt a drinker but just loved food. He was a heavy guy but not as heavy as you would expect for this to happen. It made me realize that it is somewhere in the age range of 30-50 that it seems like your body starts to fail from all the damamge you do it. The damage all adds up...cholesterol, etc. I am praying for him to make a full recovery. He has a long road ahead with surgery, inpatient therapy(speech, OT, and PT) for several months, etc. This is just one more reason for me to get the weight off.

Today's reason to lose weight:
*what I just wrote about says it all. I want my body to be healthy. I want to undo all the damage from all that fast food and junk I used to eat. I have a fatty liver and I want to reverse that before its too late.


mbm1forever said...

Really great reasons to lose, Jennifer. You are doing great. I just wish I weighed 178 right now. I would be so fantastically happy. Good health is a great goal.

FrugalMom said...

Congrats on the 1 lb loss. I just started my weight loss journey a few days ago, and I decided that blogging would keep me on track.

I had to get on the scale at the Dr's office for my annual last week, and that sure got me thinking.

That is scary about your friends 35-year-old husband. I'm turning 30 this year, and it really should be a turning point.

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