Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My food came (Jennifer)

This morning I went out for a walk. As soon as I stepped out the door I could feel the humidity. It wasnt like it was hot or anything, just that thick humid air that I hate. I had my sweatshirt on and although I contemplated turning around and getting a T shirt I decided I was not ready for that yet. I sweatshirt covers up so much more when I am jiggling along on my jog.... So in the first part of my walk I saw the UPS man and got all excited. I knew he had to be going to my house. I finished my walk and then started my jog back. I made it as far as I usually do but went just a tad further. I was proud of me. I was jogging with my headset on and had to keep "reminding" Sugar to keep up. I am sure it was a sight to see.

When I got back sure enough there was the box at my front door. I busted into it and the kids were all excited like it was theirs...hehe. I decided I wanted to try the honey mustard pretzels since it was the first I ordered them. Let me tell you... I LOVE THEM. I only wish I had ordered more. I think I even like them more than the cheese puffs. The girls were begging me to give them some and since I am trying to teach them to share I did. I didnt want the bag to end...yummmmm.

Tomorrow is weigh in. I am not feeling much thinner so I am curious to see what the scale says. I am still following the plan but changed up my exercise a bit this week. Less cardio and more "circuit training" is what I think he calls it. I worked out with Tony Little 4 times as planned and walked/jogged today. Lets see where that gets me on the scale.

Today's reason for losing weight:

*So that when other people see me eating they dont judge me. Lets be honest. When fat people eat in front of other people(especially something that isnt a vegetable or fruit) it is easy to think "she really shouldnt be eating that", or "no wonder she is so big". And even if I dont hear someone say it or see someone watching, I am still self conscious of it.


Karen said...

Your thought for the true. I often wonder what people are thinking or saying when they see me eat something other than something healthy.

Tricia said...

I will bring some cinnamon ones, they are even better!