Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Went shopping (Jennifer)

My mom took me shopping the other day. I just love my mom :) I was looking for size 18 assuming that is the size I wear since that is what I have at home. Originally I was a size 20 and only have a few smaller items. Well there wasnt a size 18 in almost anything I wanted. So my mom told me to try the 16's.. I did. And ALL of the 16's I tried fit! Every single one! Wow!!!! That is such an accomplishment for me. And I am glad to see results like this because it takes my focus away from the scale which is great for me. I mean, its great to know you are doing well and have the scale back you up, but sometimes the scale gets frustrating for me when it goes down slower than I think it should for my effort. Anyway, I got some really nice clothes and I am so thankful to my mom. Thanks Mom!!! You are the best and I am more appreciative than I could possibly express :)

I went to a different Zumba class with my mom. It was a new class for both of us. One word...WOW. I was like lost. Apparently I am totally hooked on MY Zumba class and I look forward to going back on Monday. I am used to a small class, a great teacher who is just that...great. This girl was quite different. And it was in a large gym with like 50 people. The whole thing was uncomfortable for me. Not because I felt like the fat girl but because the setting was just so different.

Today's reason for losing weight:
* I want to run a 5k. Yup...me.


Tricia said...

YAY! 16's! That is amazing! I am so happy for you. Just remember to pass those 18s to me please:-) and then those 16s...I am so proud of you! you are doing so well and it really shows.

Juliana said...

yeah for the 16s!!!!

Jennifer said...

Thanks ladies! Trish...you know ALL my clothes will go to you. Your results are showing too and I didnt mean to harass you yesterday on your post. I was just trying to tell you not to sell yourself short. I understand not wanting to set yourself up to fail but dont make that determination yet! I woke up this morning thinking about what you posted and this is what I came up with...MF is becoming routine and almost 8 weeks has gone by. 2 months. so what is 7 more? I rest my case. And yes...you DESERVE this. I am so proud of you for keeping it up. Even me who is losing pretty slowly...when I step back and realize what is going on....the bottom line is I am losing weight and it takes the stress out of what to eat to do it. Well..for now anyway!

Net said...

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