Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The zoo (Jennifer)

Today I took the girls to the zoo. It was a nice time. I decided not to bring the stroller since they are getting bigger now and I figured they would like to be able to get closer to everything. And surprisingly it went pretty well. They listened and everything! Around 1:00 my little one decided since she had missed her nap that she didnt want to walk anymore. So I carried her for a while. I got them their lunch and I had a MF bar. I brought the peanut butter one because it is my favorite and I knew I would be more tempted by the yummy food...the hot dogs, hamburgers, sandwiches, fried this, fried that...all my favorites. But I did well. And let me just emphasize that when I say I was tempted I dont meal that I feel like I am going to give in. I really just mean that I have a little pity party inside. I am hoping that with time those will stop or at least lessen? Or will I always have this excitement when it comes to food?

I realized tonight that I havent exercised much since last weigh in. I have been off schedule. And then the "old Jen" came back for a minute. I was trying to convince myself that I didnt have to work out tonight because I went to the zoo today. And that involved walking, right? But then my voice of reason came through. I may have walked at the zoo but it was hardly a workout. At no point was I out of breath or feeling any burn anywhere. Was it better than sitting on the couch? Yes. So then I pouted for a minute and went downstairs to get Tony Little. And the guilt must have sunk in somewhere along the way because I got the harder one. I remembered how great it felt after the last time I did this DVD. It was only once and I felt it for days! I love to feel the pain because it means my hard work is paying off!! Anyway, I worked out and that was that. And now I am telling you all about it :)

Today at the zoo I found myself looking at people. I was looking at their body shapes and their clothes. I have finally had this realization in the mirror that I am changing. It took me a while to get to this point, but I like it! And Teresa...thanks for your kind words which made me re-examine. I am seeing the difference in me. And now when I am looking at other people I am thinking "I wonder what size jeans those are" or "Am I about the same size as her?". I realized that even though I looked at myself in the mirror everyday while I was putting on those 75 lbs that I didnt really see them coming on. How could that be? So I am glad to look in the mirror now and see the lbs coming off.

Today's reason for losing weight:
*This one is a bit personal. It would be nice for me to feel like my husband thinks I'm hot. I should mention that he is not a very outspoken person so he wouldnt say so if he thought it anyway :) But one could wish right?


weigthloss-diets said...

We often make excuses when it comes to losing weight. Because of this, we stop ourselves from doing our diet routine, gain more weight and get disappointed in the end. How do you stop making those weight loss excuses? You make many weight loss excuses and it automatically comes in without realizing it.

Laura said...

Great job avoiding the food at the zoo!!! That's really tough! I've had the same problem with that, but most of the time, now, I can smell the food and derive my pleasure that way, and then I don't need to eat it. And it's calorie-free!!! :)