Sunday, April 4, 2010

Suggestions please... (Jennifer)

First, Happy Easter to all who celebrate.

Yesterday I borrowed my mom's weights and Tony Little DVD. It is really awesome that when I come home for a stay just about everything the kids and I would need is here. It makes it so much easier and I am very appreciative of this. So I went downstairs and I was one exercise into the DVD and the picture goes out. I was thinking..."are you serious?" So I jiggled some wires and tried to figure it out but couldnt. I could hear Tony Little but couldnt see him. So after a little thought and weighing my options I decided that I have done this DVD so many times that I can follow along with just sound. Now that is hard core in my opinion. I was in the basement working out with TOny Little by just the sound of his voice! I could have easily given up but I didnt. I must have really wanted it. I have a goal to work out with Tony Litle 4 times this week and I am going to achieve it. This week is different for me since the past weeks have consisted of more cardio. This week is more weight training and metablolism focused. We will see what the scale thinks of this on Thursday.

Last night I went out to dinner with Ron and Teresa. It was a great time. Adult conversation and yummy food. I got a steak that was really good and had a salad and some broccoli on the side. I have been having a problem lately (that seems to be getting bigger by the day) with feeling unsatisfied and wanting some of my favorite and non healty foods. I am concerned about this and not sure how to get past this little hump I guess. I have been finding myself wanting these foods even after I have had a full lean and green meal. This is something I need to look into myself and figure out how to best manage. I was really feeling like I was missing out on the cheese fries at Outback last night. And even after I had finished my whole meal I still wanted the cheese fries and was having a pity party inside. I am still having a pity party and it is a day later. I will say though that with my salad I decided that since I forgot my dressing from home that I was going to get what I wanted this try to satisfy my pity party. And I did. I got thousand island dressing on the side. I dipped my fork in it before picking up the lettuce and when my salad was gone I realized that I had barely eaten any of the dressing at all but felt satisfued with at least that. But I also felt guilt because I am not sure if that dressing is allowed on plan. I am going to check that out when I am done here.

If anyone has any ideas on how to boost my motivation and to stop these cravings and pity parties I would love to hear them. I need out of this "funk". I do not want to give in or give up. I just want to feel satisfied and move on. My husband seems to think that it is my disappointment on the scale after all my hard work but I am not sure that is what it is. 2.5 lbs in a week is good and really I shouldnt expect miracles. 20 lbs in 5 weeks is great. I am trying to be realistic. Again...anything anyone has to offer would be appreciated. I have not given in but I am just looking to strengthen my focus which seems to have weakened.

Today's reason for losing weight:
To feel in control of me!


Anonymous said...

I did medifast for a month and was doing so well and then gave in to have a candy bar. In the six months since, I have regained all the weight I lost. If I had stayed at it, I would be at goal now. How sad is that? I haven't eaten anything in the last six months that has been worth still being fat. Stick with it!

A. Ripped said...

I have been doing my workout for past eight months and you would not believe that i have reduced 12 kg weight. I go to my gym daily and does not skip it.Just try it once and eat healthy.