Sunday, April 25, 2010

Water (Jennifer)

Today was a day of realization for me. We had company today and yesterday. My cousin from Buffalo came out for the day yesterday and Trish came from Albany. It was a nice time. Trish spent the night and this morning things were a little off schedule. I am not saying its a bad thing at all. I love to have company but I get off routine. I had my shake this morning first thing. And by 9:00 I was ready for my next meal. I was actually hungry. So I ate it a few minutes before 10:00 since thats my normal time. I was still hungry. I havent had that hungry feeling in a while which is great. Around 11:45 I decided I needed to eat my lunch which I normally eat around 12:30ish. I was just too hungry to wait. I ate it and I was still hungry. So I asked myself what is different today that I am so darn hungry? And then it dawned on me....I hadnt had any water all day. Usually by lunchtime I have 60 oz of water under my belt. I was so hungry that I decided to get a diet soda at the drive thru since the bubbles in soda fill me up. Wallah...not hungry anymore. I made up for my lack of water when we got home. It was a great lesson learned. Drink my water so I am not STARVING.

This weekend I noticed a huge difference in Trish. While I have been saying all along that she has has changed emotionally I saw the physical changes to go along with it. I could see a small difference for the past few weeks but the overall "transformation" is happening now! There is a huge difference! yaay Trish!!! You look great and I am so proud of you. I would like to say that I am hearing a lot of talk from you about how long you will have to be on MF and such. I have been thinking about that a lot. Maybe you should try not to be so overwhelmed by the goal and allow yourself to enjoy the (huge) mini successes along the way. I am hoping that now that your transformation is happening that you will see how great you are looking and not want to give up. this is such a short period of time(doing MF) in comparison to how awful it feels to be overweight, out of control, and unhealthy. That is the pep talk I give myself.

I will also mention that my cousin Mike brought me a bottle of wine. And it was good wine too. I had this whole mental battle in my head. I felt so rude not drinking it since I opened it and his wife had some. But then I prioritized and tried to explain my situation and how those carbs will throw me out of fat burn and it takes four 4 days to get back in and...blah blah blah. I hope that they understood(I did try to explain) and didnt think I was rude. I like wine and any other non-medifast day I would have been so excited! But instead I felt very rude. Any comments on this from anyone? I got the impression they didnt understand how important this is to me and now I feel very rude.

Today's reason for losing weight:
*to let go of the negative perception I have of how I look. Its not just how I think I look, but how I feel that others see me as fat too... It sure would be nice NOT to feel like "the fat girl".


Karen said...

As long as you explained the reason for not drinking the wine, I think that's all you need to do. As long as you said thank you (which I know you did) than I would leave it at that. You know no matter what anyone says or how much you try to talk yourself out of it, you are always going to feel like you were rude. You weren't though, you offered an explanation. Now if you said something like, "OMG-I can't drink that, what were you thinking" then yes a problem. But I know you, I'm sure you handled it with class and gently turned it down.

Tricia said...

It was fine Jen, I am sure they were not offended in anyway. You told them that you couldnt wait to drink it when you were off plan.

Tricia said...

P.S. Thanks so much for the support in your blog. I know that you would notice the difference more since I dont see you that often and I see myself everyday. I am trying to think of small goals and not the big picture, because that feels so far away. You are doing so great too and I am amazed every time I see you how slim you are looking. Keep it up and soon we will be spending our Medifast money on new clothes!

Jennifer said...

You are welcome trish. and as for the wine...I meant that. i cant wait to drink it!!!! but i am not sure it would be good that long :( it isnt like i will be at my goal tomorrow. and if i were should i go drink a bottle of wine? hahaha.

And...did you notice you called me Jen? What the heck is that? You dont ever call me Jen. It sounds unnatural coming from you. Like if i forgot the rest of your name. Hey Tri.... haha. sorry...but that is all I could come up with since i call you lots of things...Trish, Tricia, Tricia ann, Chuch, Chucha, Trishie-kins....need I go on? I didnt think so.