Friday, April 9, 2010

My Birthday

Well, My husband and I came to visit Jennifer and the family yesterday on my birthday. We are spending a few days here to celebrate my birthday and little Emma's birthday. Jennifer and I went to get our hair done and I cut off all of my hair and had dark brown and bright red highlights put in. is completely different from anything I have ever done. I have always wanted to have red highlights, but I never thought I could pull it off. I am a pretty reserved person and I didn't think I would be bold enough to have in my hair. However, recently I have been feeling better about myself and more confident so I decided to go for it. I love it! Once it was finished, I looked at myself in the mirror and thought," boy, I need some new clothes to go with my new style." I can't wait to go shopping. However, I am kind of jealous of Jennifer because she has lost the same weight as me and has gone down like two sizes. Not me! I lost 26 lbs and I am not yet down a size. But, my current clothes are starting to be too baggy and I think that I just look shabby.

For dinner, Jennifer made us some cauliflower pizza and it was delicious! we put some turkey peperoni on it and we were so full after eating it! Jennifer put a candle in my pizza so I could blow it out since we can't eat any cake.

So, later in the day Jennifer and I decided to take the girls and Sugar for a walk. We walked a full two miles. I have to say that is the most I have walked in one stretch in a long time. I mean, I am sure I have walked that much in the mall, etc. but that is a leisurely walk. we walked with purpose last night. I was so happy for myself for walking that far. I was pretty tired when we got home, but it was worth it. I only have one month left to train for our company's walk and I still have to be able to walk a full three miles. I am determined to do finish it!

Because I was going to visit Jennifer yesterday, I decided to weigh myself a day early to be consistent. I was only down 1.8 lbs, but I will take any loss I can get, so I am not discouraged at all. And, I have to take into consideration that I did weigh in a day early. Yeah. I am going to stick with that theory.

Tonight we will be making Emma's birthday cake when Sue comes into town. I can't wait to get my hands on some fondant and I think it will be a great time!


Jennifer said...

Karen...I hope you can come by for Fondant night??!

Trish- I am so proud of you for "going the extra mile" last night. hehe. Hope you had a nice birthday.


Karen said...

1.8 pounds is still a loss! Good for you!

Laura said...

Let me just say that the change in clothing will be soon! I too have lost 28 pounds and 26 inches in the last year, and I'm still wearing the same size clothing as before. The only thing I've noticed different, clothing-wise, is that my jeans hang over my legs like bulky curtains. Which is great!

Great job on the loss!

Karen said...

BTW-I liked the red. Now that's something I know I could never pull off. Maybe a lighter color like blonde but not darker.

Bob said...

I think I will put red high lights in my you think I can pull it off?

Tricia said...

Sure, but you would have to get extensions first, Dad!