Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Frump-ier (Jennifer)

The good news is that I have not been hungry today. Yaay! The not so good news is that even though I was hoping to wake up and not feel frumpy... I still do. I actually feel frumpier than yesterday. I have to say that this is possibly a first for me on medifast. Even when the weight was coming off very slowly I never felt like it was a gain (at least I dont remember). I mean I had days when I felt bloated because it was that "time" but this is different. That is expected. And I am not confident that the scale will say good things on Thursday. By the way I feel I am expecting a gain for sure. But I will try to remain positive until then. Tomorrow I will try to drink more shakes than other food because that is supposed to help. And I will have some plain chicken with my salad tomorrow night. Maybe it is just all the salad I have been eating making me feel bloated and it will have a happy outcome afterall. Or...maybe it is that darn sausage I discovered(that I now realize wasnt on plan...probably because it is too fatty and too many calories!!!). Tonight I had sausage again for dinner BUT ( I am sure some of you are saying "seriously? didnt this girl learn her lesson???) this time I went and got some chicken sausage which is way better for me. It had way less calories and fat. The only problem was that I dont like it nearly as much. Kinda had to choke it down. I wont buy it again.

Today's reason for losing weight:
* I want to go to an amusement park and not have to stress over whether the seat belts will latch or whether I will be stuffed in there like a sardine looking all ridiculous. The last time I went to an amusement park was a long time ago. And I am pretty sure it was before I was big. Maybe I had some extra pounds but not like the 80+ that I was carrying around until recently. Anyway...I remember sitting in one of the roller coaster rides feeling very squished even then...at a smaller size! And because of that I would probably not have even attempted to try any while being so much bigger. I think Trish made a comment that they make rides bigger now a days to accomodate the "growing population". But thats not a guarantee. I would rather get the weight off and feel like a "normal" person.

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Karen said...

I feel frumpy everyday, something I'm trying hard to get out of. The only time I don't feel frumpy is when I "dressup" but being a stay-at-home mom, that doesn't seem do-able. After all, I'm not June Cleaver, I don't wear a dress, heels and pearls everyday!