Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday night- Zumba (Jennifer)

I arrived at Zumba tonight pretty tired. But last week I felt "blah" before and left totally energized. I hoped it would work the same way. And it did. I was so tired when I walked into that room. But there were only a few of us tonight so I had to be on top of my game and couldnt really blend in :) I was sweating something fierce when I left and felt pretty accomplished. I am getting to know the moves and such and focus on technique I guess. But...its still not pretty. haha. When I left I got a text message from my husband to "please pick up the pizza". Wow...what a temptation for me!! But I did it knowing that when I got home I could make my dinner. didnt work like that. I got home and my youngest was sick. I took her temp and it was 104.1. She had a cough last night that sounded "different"... like a seal. But no temp until this point. But as soon as I took her temp we were on with the dr and on our way to the office. Croup...she has croup. My poor baby. I had grabbed a bar before leaving the house knowing that I wouldnt get to eat my LG meal for a while. But the visit was quick. So I came home and had a chicken salad. And it was pretty good!!! Added a little sour cream and some salsa and it was delish.

And now...I am sitting on the couch about to relax. Last night I worked out with Tony Little, today Zumba, and tomorrow maybe a walk or jog if the weather isnt bad.

A minor concern is that I am almost out of bars and according to the TSFL website my food hasnt even been shipped yet. I will make it through I am sure but living without those bars wont be as enjoyable.

Today's reason for losing weight:
* to find a happy medium in how I feel physically. Before medifast I would eat too much and the wrong foods which would leave me tired and not feeling great in general. And while Medifast is a huge improvement in how I feel I am taking in only 800-1000 calories and get tired quickly when I add in exercise. There must be a happy medium with eating the right foods in the right amounts and I look forward to seeing that day.

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Tricia said...

Poor Emmie!! Is she going to be better by our visit and her party?!