Thursday, April 1, 2010

Results -I will not lie... (Jennifer)

My week five results....down 2.5. However, I will not lie. I was hoping for excellent things this week, better things. I say this ONLY becauseI exercised 6 times this week, sometimes harder than I thought capable. And I thought for sure I would see better numbers like a 4. But even a 3 probably would have satisfied me. So I told my husband my thoughts and he told me that 2.5 lbs is great and that I wasnt losing that much when attempting WW. And he is right. If I was I wouldnt be on Medifast! I was not strict enough on WW. He also brought it to my attention that I am down 20 lbs total today. So I am happy about that! I guess I just need to stop being "greedy". Is it just that??? I am being greedy? My mom said to take what I can get. And she is probably right. But the thing that makes me work so hard exercising is that it will speed along my success. At least that was my plan!
So now that I had my pity party I kicked into "what can I do better this week" gear. And I have come up with this. Tony Little. Yup...that man is the key to any weight loss success in my book. Regardless of what plan I am following his exercises make me firm and feel good. So...Tony Little 4 times this week. That is my goal. Having said that takes about 2 weeks of doing Tony Little for your metabolism to kick in. So that is my goal. Next week I will take whatever number I get, but the week after that is where I will see the results. At least I hope.

On the upside...I will say that I am now noticing a difference in my weight! I see a small difference in the mirror and that I like. And I will keep trucking on. Every pound counts right? They all add up! I apologige if I sounded a bit whiney in the beginning of my post. My pep talk has worked and I am now on my way again!

Today's reason for losing weight:
*to put on a bathing suit without disgust. I mean...I have had two children via c-section and also had my gallbladder out so lets be realistic. My stomach is very stretched out from both pregnancies and scarred. I am not going to EVER wear a bikini and I accept that. But I can wear a bathing suit that fits me well and while I may not look like a model, I hope not to feel that self conscious feeling of disgust and discomfort.


Ron said...

Shoot for the stars and work towards the bikini. I am 2.5hrs away from you so you can't slap me. I know I will receive a call from you so I will take my lashing like a big boy:-)P

Laura said...

That's a great goal! I can't wait to hear your results in two weeks! Great job!


Karen said...

Yeah for Jen. Good job!!

A. Ripped said...

That is a really good goal. This was a so good reason that i haven't heard for long long time. This was really awesome.