Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cupcakes! (Tricia)

At work we decorate people’s desks and bring in treats for birthdays. It was my turn to bring in desert for a birthday today, so I made some cupcakes. I went to walmart last week and picked up my supplies and thought it would be no problem to make. I did take a few minutes to decide which delicious flavor to buy. Strawberry? Um, no. Chocolate, uh-uh. Yellow ? Of course! Chocolate frosting? Delish! Now can someone tell me why I bought my favorite flavor cake mix? Was I secretly trying to test myself or perhaps subconsciously trying to sabotage myself? UH, I think the answer was the sabotaging. I made the cake batter last night while my husband was out to make sure he wouldn’t eat any. As I was scooping the mix into the little cups, I realized that this was a terrible idea. He wasn’t there to eat the cupcakes, but he also wasn’t there to make sure I didn’t eat the batter or the cupcakes! The batter is my favorite part. Who can resist the yummy goodness? I wanted to lick the spatula, the beaters, stick my whole head into the bowl. My whole head! Picture that! Nate walking into the house and seeing me in the kitchen wearing the mixing bowl trying to reach every drip of batter from the bowl like a dog would. What would he do? Walk over, take the bowl, swat my nose and say “ NO! Bad Tricia!” I think I would growl :-)
But I did stop myself and realize that I don’t need to have anyone tell me no. I can tell myself no. So, I put the bowl, beaters, spatula etc in the sink and filled it with water and soap right away. I cooled the cupcakes, spread on the frosting, and put them in the carry container. I even left one out for Nate as a treat. I brought them to work and watched everyone eat them. When I asked if they were good, all of my supportive friends said (still in mid-mouthful) No, they are terrible, you don’t want any. Thanks guys, but I really hope they were good :-)
What was my reward for not sticking my head into the batter bowl last night? I put on my dress pants this morning and realized I couldn’t pull the draw strings any tighter and they were still too big. Nothing is sweeter than that!
As Jennifer mentioned, I did stop by and visit her and the girls at Nanny’s yesterday. I love spending time with them, but we are three hours away and it makes it tough. Jennifer, I can’t WAIT to come out for a few days in April to celebrate my and Emma’s birthday! Then we can cook our lean and greens together!

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Laura said...

I seriously love this blog. I just found it today through the Bethany McDonald Memorial Blogroll, but you guys are great!

Great job putting down the cake bowl!