Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ode to Iffer-Day 6 (Tricia)

I had a similar experience today as Jennifer. All I wanted was a pizza. Oh, and I don't mean that I wanted a slice of pizza, I wanted the whole pizza. A lovely cheese pizza just for me. One that was piping hot so the cheese just slid right off. One with a thin crust on the bottom and thick around the edges. And for desert? A chocolate cake. Mmmm…. Yes, this is what I truly wanted for lunch. Of course, I would never be able to eat that much, but the thought of it in front of me was just too much to handle. The beef stew I did have for lunch was just NOT the same! But, I dealt with it and tried to pretend my chocolate mint bar I had in the afternoon was a piece of cake. Today was really the first day that I looked at the big picture and really realized how long it will be until I will be able to eat a slice of pizza or that piece of cake, and it made me doubt that I could do this, just for a moment. I mean, I haven’t even made it through week one yet and I have oh, so many more to go. But, I changed my thoughts to Jennifer. Jennifer has been with me all week dealing with the same struggles. This week, she has been my number one supporter and has been pushing me and filling me with positive thoughts. I cannot thank you enough, Iffer. Her positive reinforcement has made me truly excited about this new experience and I am looking forward to being a healthy weight for my height (Yes, Jennifer, I really am 5’2”). After some thought tonight I realized that I have been in a better mood this week. I fell different, less negative. I have a sense of pride every time I have a medifast meal and I walk right by the cafeteria. I feel more light-hearted and can laugh more easily. Perhaps this diet has changed me more than just my weight. Maybe this was the change I have been looking for for a while. And, because I have realized this thanks to Jennifer, I have prepared a little ditty just for her.
Ode to Iffer
O’ Iffer how you have helped me
See that I am not just a fatty .
You make me laugh every day
While we both shrink away.
Soon our pants will be too big
And we will dance a happy jig.
Off shopping we will go
To buy some smaller clothes
And to get our hair did.
Thank you
(snaps please)

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Jennifer said...

Trish....that was sooo funny. When I heard the phone vibrating on the counter...which was only because steven turned the tv off since i was sleeping on the couch...i went and saw there were like 100 texts from you. Sorry I missed them! I cannot thank you enough for that wonderful....."ode". You know I am here for you and soon I will need you to be here for me too. I too had this same realization that it has been less than a week and I dont see the pizza at the end of the mean light. But I am glad that you had this realization that the honeymoon is over and it will take lots of hard work. And the fact that you had it before your first weigh in(shhh) is even better. Because that tells me it is more than results that are keeping you is coming from within!!! YEAH FOR TRISH!!!! Like I said in a previous post I see this difference in you. pride, happiness. And I said I hoped you saw it too...remember? I am so glad you do! You know what it is? YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE!!! and I do believe you are finding it....liberating :) SO happy for you. Having doubt in yourself and winning that battle is a mini success!!!! Go you! I am so very proud of you. You can do this. no doubt :)