Sunday, March 21, 2010

Enjoying my challenge (Jennifer)

So I have never been one to exercise and enjoy it. There has always been a purpose to my exercise...and that was to lose weight. However, since I have joined Zumba it has made me realize that I can exercise while having fun! And to take things a step further...I have been walking down one of the roads along the lake near my house. When I get to the end I turn around and jog back! Me! Now...this is an amazing thing for me. I dont dread it. I actually have been enjoying it. I bring my IPOD and sometimes Sugar and it is totally great! I am sure that part of the reason I am enjoying so much is because the weather has been great. A little chipper in the morning with some sun. I am the first to tell you that I am NOT a jolly person in the heat. We bought a new house last summer and lets just say my husband has agreed to my expensive request for central air. So..I must have been pretty awful to be around :( But what overweight person wouldnt be cranky when trying to function in a humid house at 86 degrees? It wouldnt have been so bad if there were just 1 window in the whole house that could accomodate a window air conditioner...but there isnt. Anyway....the weather hs been great and I have been really enjoying my walks/jogs. Its some time to listen to my music and have some "me" time which is hard to come by being a stay at home mom. And when I am done it is usualy about a half hour later and I am refreshed. I am also feling empowered and proud of myself! These feelings go a long way. They last throughout the day and usually motivate me to do it again on another day! So go me for sticking to my challenge. Lets hope the weight on the scale on Thursday adds to the motivation to keep the exercise up!

Today's reason for wanting to lose the weight:

I want to feel comfortable in my own skin. I want to wear the clothes I like and not feel fat. I want to be in front of people and not wonder if they think I am fat. I dont want to suck it in to make an outfit look acceptable. And better yet...I dont want acceptable outfits...I want outfits that I love and feel GOOD in! Wow...that reason of the day was deep.

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