Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day 13- Inspired (Jennifer)

Wow Trish...your last post was very inspirational. It is deep and very well thought out. And i have known you as long as I have known me and I do believe that you are now a diffrent person. I see something so different in you...a glow. And I know you see it too. I know i keep saying that but we have know each other all our lives and this new you is great. I DO agree with you that you were feeling out of control of your life and that alone will make you cranky. It works the same way for me (and maybe most "fluffy" people?). And what makes a cranky "fluffy" girl feel better? FOOD...yummy food. For that few minutes it feels good. At least that is how it worked for me. When things around us get tough it is easy to make ourselves feel better for that moment. But what you are doing now is something you have never done for yourself. You are working very hard(and it is definately hard) to make yourself feel better for your future and every day forward from this second on. And I am so proud of you. You have taken back control over your life and you are definately finding it LIBERATING. And should the day come when you consider a "cheat" ask yourself if this awesome feeling you are having of being back in control of you is worth giving up for one stinking yummy meal. And I bet you will say no. I have learned that taking this journey one meal at a time is the answer. If I look into the future and feel bad for myself about when I can have pizza again it feels much more overwhelming than choosing what I will eat for the next meal. We have the tools to succeed. We should consider it a gift and get the most out of it. Everything happens for a reason and although I had to end up at a cardiologist in order to stumble upon this plan...I wouldnt take any of it back if it is the change that we needed to make us better(in so many ways) people for the rest of our lives.
That being said...tomorrow is my weigh in and like last week I am both nervous and excited. I talked to my health coach who said everyone is different but 2-4 lbs would be normal. And that is fine with me. But what if it is less? I need to prepare for that too. I have a better grip on how much 6 oz of meat is and I was jipping myself before. So this week I am definately eating more and also taking advantage of the condiment options as well as the snacks. So for me I dont know what to expect. But this is all a learning lesson. Stay tuned for the results!

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Tricia said...

If you can see my glow from syracuse...maybe I should see a doctor. LOL. Thanks Iffer. Love you!