Sunday, March 14, 2010

A weekend of company (Jennifer)

This weekend my husband was off from work and we had out of town company just about all weekend. This is when it usually gets tough for me. Thats when I usually start feeling like I want what they are having. But it wasnt too bad this weekend. It is Sunday night and I am sitting here realizing that I made it through the weekend successfully. But I owe so many thanks to Lyn and her "Escape from Obesity" blog. She posted not only a recipe but a picture of what her cauliflower pizza looked like. Let me tell you...she is my hero(If you read this Lyn THANK YOU!!!!). If I had ever seen the words "cauliflower pizza" without the picture I probably wouldnt even give it a second look. Or I would think it was pizza with cauliflower on top. This food could be one of the best things I have ever eaten. I would (and definately will when the day comes) eat this even when I was not on a diet. It is pretty much a crust made up of shredded cauliflower, egg beaters and cheese. It is baked and gets firm and then you put the toppings you would like on and broil briefly. It looks and tastes just like pizza. And I could eat the whole thing for what I calculated to be less than 300 calories since I used only about 240 calories worth of cheese. This is way lower than what I would eat for two hamburgers! So when everyone else was having homemade pizzas I had mine! My friend who was here couldnt beleive what I was doing and asked me if I would make her one. She is a health conscious person without a weight issue. She loved this and ate the whole thing! I kid you not when I tell you this is great. I dont even like cauliflower very much. And I am happy to tell you this has not even the remote taste of cauliflower :) So I called up Trish when I saw this online and she went right to the store and made herself one too. In my opinion that is trust because she hadnt seen the picture!! For those of you who dont know...Trish and I live a few hours apart but our support on here and by phone has been great. It has brought us so much closer.
Anyway...then last night round 2 of company inlaws. And my mother in law brought so many yummy things. She always does and I never turn them down. And it must be pretty obvious because at one point she said " are being really good". It makes me wonder what kind of ravenous animal I must look like when I eat??? I didnt tell her I was doing Medifast until that moment. And while there were lots of things I wanted including the stop at A&W (the root beer/hot dog place) I remained composed and on track. I was so proud of myself. Self pride is a feeling I havent felt in a while and I am enjoying it.
Yesterday I read on Lyn's blog about food being a source of pleasure. I have learned a lot of things about myself and figured so many things out in the last few months. this is one of them. Food=comfort and immediate(but short term) happiness. And reading her post about this topic was like she had typed the words right out of my thoughts. I was about in tears reading it put down into words. I have turned to food as a comfort when things got tough. And things did get tough and seemed to stay that way for a while. But now I am trying to do little things for joining Zumba. I was so hesitant to join since I didnt want to be "the fat girl" and "the new girl". But it was the best thing I could have done for myself for many reasons. Its tomorrow night and I cant wait (even with the "jiggle").
And on that note I will end this novel...hope everyone had a great weekend.


Ron said...

I had no idea there was an A&W out your way. Yumm. I expect to get my Zumba update tomorrow evening. Take a picture of that pizza next time because I have to see it to believe it!

Jennifer said...

please hold...and go check your phone. i sent the pic.

Lyn said...

I am SO glad you like my blog and the pizza!! It did look and taste SO amazing that I just HAD to put the pics on my blog to share. One of the best healthy meals ever! I am going to make it again next week with turkey pepperoni and mushrooms on it :)

Thanks for the nice shout out!