Thursday, March 4, 2010

The results..drums please... (Jennifer)

So I was hesitant to weigh in this morning because I felt like maybe my rings were tight and I had some pickles yesterday and thought maybe I was retaining water. But I got over myself and got on the scale. I got on like 6 times because I didnt believe what it said. 10 pounds lost! In one week!!! I am sure most of it is water weight because you arent allowed many things that have salt(except the pickles of course) so once you get rid of that water weight in the first few days it must stay gone! I am so surprised and happy with the results. It gave me a whole "bring it on" attitude! Whoopie! I know results wont be like this every week but it was a great way to start! Good luck tomorrow Trish!!! Call me as soon as you weight(but after you put your clothes back on...hahaa).


Ron said...

Nice job!

Tricia said...

you dont want me to call you while i am nakey? :/

I am so happy and proud of you!! 6 more days til the next way in!

Karen, Ron, Ally and Shaylin said...

Good for you. Your hard work and motivation are working!