Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day 10 (Jennifer)

Trish....where are your results?!?!??! I know them but maybe others dont! Post with pride girl!!! So proud of you :)
So my parents are out this weekend and it has been a little challenging. The more people the more temptations apparently. My mom cooked a big breafast, the girls made cookies and all sorts of yummies with Nana. But my parents are great and very supportive so that is extremely helpful. My mom watched me "prepare" all my meals since she has gotten here. She said it doesnt seem like I am eating much but she is proud that I seem to have the control.
Today I wanted pizza though. No one around me was eating pizza but I just wanted it for some reason. I think the only thing that gets me through this is getting to eat every 2-3 hours. That and my lean and green meal. I know its never far until my next "meal" and that is helpful. Also...having variety to choose from is nice. I am expecting my next order on Monday and I will be a stalker at the front window waiting for the UPS man to drop the package off! I already have visions of eating one of the new brownies with cream cheese on it since that is allowed too. Yummmm. Since my parents are here I made a chicken. I stuffed it with stuffing as usual and made the potatoes but still only ate the chicken and a salad. I love that satisfied feeling after my lean and green meal. 6 oz of chicken is quite a bit of meat as is 2 whole hamburgers. There is no bread or anything so it fills me like 1 cheeseburger on a bun would(and chips and cookies and get the point). My supply is dwindling and tomorrow I will have to be picky with what I eat. I refuse to eat my chicken soup so that shorts me 5 meals for the week. Thats a whole day! I just cant do the soup. But I will make it and look forward to getting some new stuff Monday.


Ron said...

Countdown to Variety...ETA MONDAY!!!!!

Jennifer said...

like a stalker at the window :)