Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lean and green for lunch.... (Jennifer)

I too got my food today and I was so excited. I had food in the cabinet but was pretty much out of my favorites. I had eaten my last bar :( Today I went out to lunch with family and it was the first time I used my lean and green at lunchtime. I wasnt sure how that would work for me or if I would be hungry the rest of the day. It actually wasnt bad at all! At first I ordered a chicken ceasar salad thinking I could get some kind of light dressing on the side. But....apparently Applebees doesnt offer even one light dressing. Awful!!! And FYI apparently they also dont offer nutritional info online either. What a disappointment for such a large chain. But anyway...I then changed my order to a 7 oz sirloin and steamed broccoli. I believe the weight of the steak is before being cooked and I figured that by the time I trimmed all the fat off it would be my allowed 5 oz. I have never been much of a steak-y person but am all of a sudden finding I really enjoy it at times. My steak was soooo good today. I offered my husband a piece but he obviously saw my enjoyment and said "no...go eat it". It was cooked perfect, very little fat and very tender. YUMMMM.. I was totally satisfied with my lean and green today. I had no hunger the rest of the day. I did leave some broccoli on the plate though since I dont want to add the extra carbs if I go over the cup and a half allowance. I dont really have too great of a grasp when meausring that stuff.
So then we got home and there was my food waiting for me! I was so excited. I am trying a few new things this time around. I got the appetite suppressant chocolate shake, the smores bar( tried it today and I LOVE THIS), the flavor infusers and some cappuccino. So I will be sure to comment about those in the future.
Tomorrow is weigh day and I am really looking forward to it. I am happy to report that I did my challenge of exercising 5 times this week since my last weigh in. I am hoping my hard work reflects on the scale. Although I have to say that I have felt so good about me just by doing a half hour of exercise! But seeing that it gives great results would motivate me even more. This has made me realize that I want to continue to feel good about me. So stay tuned for my results tomorrow morning!

Today's reason for wanting to lose weight:
* I am certainly not "skinny" but this great feeling that has come over me is WAY better than any feeling I could get from eating any food...even pizza :) Having said that...I want to have good self esteem by making the right choices for myself. This goes a long way and overflows into other parts of my life I am noticing.

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