Thursday, March 18, 2010

Funny how things work (Teresa)

So I had some trouble controlling myself the other day and I was stressing about the outcome. I got on the scale today and I was actually down .5 lbs. Now I am thinking to myself well this is really mean...the scale is playing head games with me. The last thing I wanted to see after eating like crap was a loss of weight!!! So I had to talk it over to myself and I thought are down.5 lbs because you were outside for 2 hours yesterday pulling a wagon. Imagine how much you would have been down if you did not eat all that crap!!! So anyway I am back on track thanks to the kind words of Jennifer and Tricia!! Thanks girls. You have been such a huge help! I love that we are all going through this together. Jen~ funny about the clothes shopping....I was visualizing the same thoughts in my own head just last night. I thought how great is it going to be to shop somewhere with the latest fashion rather than "in fashion" moo moo's! I cannot wait to look SEXY!


Jennifer said...

I think the best thing is to be honest with yourself (and us of course) with your thoughts. And you did just that. So you overate one day. The scale is not playing head games with you...YOU ARE!!! I know this because I am the queen of it. And that right there is how we got overweight. So to be honest and step up to the plate and realize that the weight loss was not because you ate what you wanted. It was because you exercised! good for you. You sound like you are "seeing the light". haha. Glad you are here.

Jennifer said...

So...after I read this it made me realize that this blog has a way of making me be honest with myself. Maybe that is just what we need.