Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Food- YAY! (Tricia)

I have been stalking the UPS site all day to see when my food was coming. I was desperately low and ate three bars and a shake today. But when I got home, there it was!! I am so excited to try all of the new things! I got:
Shakes: Dutch chocolate, mocha, strawberry cream, appetite suppressant choc and vanilla
bars: peanut butter, caramel, s'mores, strawberry crunch, and oatmeal raisin
Snacks: Parmesan and nacho chili puffs and cinnamon and honey mustard pretzels
Soups: chili, cream of chicken, and tomato
pudding: Chocolate and vanilla

Hopefully this will be a big variety and I can change it up every day!
I am also super excited to report that I tried on pants that I got at Christmas that were too small and they now fit. Hello to all the clothes I have been saving until I "lost some weight" or clothes that I kept in the back of the closet that I was determined to fit into. Not just smaller sizes, but just clothes of the same size that were just cut in a way that they didn't fit me. Well, not any more! This fatty is going to wear them, even if they are not in style, just because I CAN!

For years I have avoided looking in the mirror from the neck down because I really was never happy with what I saw. But today I snuck a peak in the ladies room and I can see it! My arms, my face, my muffin top, my FUPA (fat upper private area as we like to call it), and I actually have a neck now instead of just the layer of fat between my chins and my chest. This was my motivation to keep going. Who knew that just a little weight loss yield such results! Well, bring it on summer, I have some tanks at the bottom of the drawer that I haven't worn yet.

Good luck on your weigh- in tomorrow Jennifer! Call me first thing in the morning. I am so glad you were able to eat your lean in green meal at lunch today so you didn't feel deprived watching everyone else eat. Good for you!


Jennifer said...

So....after reading your post I am wondering if you will be showing up at Christmas next year wearing MC Hammer pants just because they havent fit since the 8th grade? HAHAHAHAHA. "just because you can". hahahhaa. I am laughing so hard right now. Or maybe some jeans with the elastic on the bottoms? HAHAHA... I shouldnt laugh because I am sure they will come back everything else! But in all seriousness...I am so glad that you are having all these positive experiences with yourself!! I am so proud.

Tricia said...

For the record, never had MC hammer pants, but I might bring back my Umbros. HAHA the only thing that would fit over my cast that summer!

Jennifer said...

And for the record...I DID have hammer pants. light blue ones :) and I did wear them along with the gold shirt "thingy" that bunches your shirt to one side.... yup...I sure did.

Karen said...

Haha, Jen-I know exactly what you are talking about. Yep, could picture it right then. So funny!