Monday, March 22, 2010

Small success (Teresa)

Well usually when the tough gets going for me the tough gets eating....but not this time! After one of the most emotionally challenging weekends of my life, for the first time I did not use food to make me feel better!!! I am really proud of myself. I am not sure how much weight I lost this week but I am down a total of 11lbs since we started our journey! Summer here we come!!! I watched the Kristie Alley show last night and it was a great motivation. She is really fat again and now she is documenting her weight loss journey on TV! It reminded me not to go back to my old ways...she looks really bad. Have a great day!

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Sue said...

Wow, You truly amazed me this weekend with your ability not to even take a lick or a taste of anything! I'm proud and because of YOU when someone offered me a slice of chocolate chip cake I said "no thank you" today. Your weight loss journal is inspiring! You go Jen and show the world who YOU really are!!