Friday, March 19, 2010

Week 3- Gone! (Tricia)

Week 3 down. Another 2.2lbs gone. I was a little discouraged about such a low weight-loss this week and I told Jennifer that I feel like I could just do that on WW with out spending the money on Medifast. However, she did bring up a good point. I could never stay on WW because it gave me too much wiggle room and I could go off of it easier. This way, I know I have to eat 5 Medifast meals and one lean and green. My goal is 20lbs in the first 4 weeks and I am 3.8 lbs away. I have walked twice this week and hopefully Nay will keep pushing me to walk so I can meet my goal. I started to get a little board with my dinners too so i tried something a little different. I made tuna patties with some canned tuna, capers, and mayo. I fried it until it got warm and then placed the tuna in some lettuce hears to make a little roll up. I had some spinach with some ff cream cheese added to make a little side of creamed spinach and it was good. Tomorrow I am going to have the cauliflower pizza again because it was so yummy, but I think i need to spice up my dinners and create some new ones. We will see how that works out!

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Jennifer said...

I think your 2.2 is good but if you are discouraged you should try my challenge this week before your next weigh day...exercise 5 days and see what the scale brings. This little challenge has brought a little more "life" to the plan for me. Yesterday when I got back from my walk/jog with Sugar I felt so energized and even better...I felt proud and empowered. Who knew a red face and some sweat would have such an effect. So...give it a whirl? Why not? If it speeds up my results which I think it will, and keeps me motivated then why not??? Go for it Trish! Help yourself to meet your 20 lb goal!!!