Thursday, March 25, 2010

Weigh Day~1 month down (Jennifer)

I got on the scale and lost 3 lbs this week for a total of 17.5 this month! Yaay me! I am excited. I was actually excited to get on the scale this morning because I knew that I had exercised this week and did all that I could do to help me! I made the effort and it payed off. And the feeling that I get when I exercise is great...well, when I am done of course :) I feel happy and proud and like I am doing something to help myself! This overall feeling isnt something I have felt in a while. And I am really enjoying it.
Yesterday I took the girls on a wagon ride which is harder than it sounds pulling 55 extra lbs up and down hills. But it was fun. It turned into quite a little nature walk. We saw a beaver(ish) animal, a crane looking really tall bird in the creek, two dogs, and some cockadoodledooing roosters which the kids enjoyed imitating. It made the walk interesting and different. Every time I saw an animal I would chuckle and ask myself "what next?" Today I took Sugar out for a walk and jogged home. She was "doggin it" on the way home when we were jogging. but since I am being told she looks like a stuffed sausage I figure it is good for her. Other than a fenced dog, a horse, and some flying geese there wasnt quite the excitement of yesterday. But the weather and timing was great. It was sunny but chipper. And it is only March so no "skeeters". Perfect weather to sweat in too. I cant stand to sweat in the heat. That probably sounds awful and lazy of me but it is true. Anyway, it was a half hour of time to myself to better myself. This is a new concept for me as a stay at home mom and I love it. Just a half hour refreshes me. I am thankful to my husband since he is all for it. He told me the other day that I have been in a better mood since starting Medifast. Just knowing I am trying to help myself has done wonders for me. Again...a new concept for me.
Today's reason for wanting to lose the weight:
*I love when people notice and comment that I lost some weight! It keeps my motivation up and makes me proud of me :)

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