Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Week2 (Teresa)

Well nothing says you need to lose weight like a little sleigh riding with your kid!! Pulling Shea up the hill on a sled in 2 feet of snow was probably the most exercise I have had in a while and boy it was eye opening. I was exhausted!!!! So any second thoughts I have had or the happy fat feeling I once had...gone.... all gone! Eating healthy is becoming a habit and an enjoyable one at that. I was just reminded tonight how much I love frozen grapes when I bit into one after dinner tonight....what a great snack, sweet, and cold! YUMMY!!!!! Tricia and Jen...hope things are well with you both!!!


Jennifer said...

Yaay for you! See...you are getting that internal motivation that we were talking about a few weeks ago! I am glad to hear you are doing well with WW. Dont you feel so good staying on plan and feeling like you are accomplishing this for yourself? good job. I remember you always said you liked frozen grapes. Today I was getting grapes out for the girls and I was being so careful not to eat one! I have gotten so used to picking at this and picking at that. Especially things thatare healthy and I have no guilt for eating! Medifast is very rigid and I am jealous that you eating lots of yummies. Hopefully we will all have the same outcome regardless of our journey. You can do this. Just turn on Tony Little and watch him until the end. Such a motivational guy. I know that is not news to you :)

Ron said...

Nice job T! Tony Little is such a dork and is more of a comedic figure than a motivational one. The sleigh riding was fun though! If Shea would keep his hat on to stay warm it would be perfect. I too have scaled down on the not so good stuff and picked up the routine at the gym. Keep going. You seem really focused this time so the results are sure to follow. Between that and the support you are getting from the ladies there's no stopping any of you!


Jennifer said...

Listen Ron...if you are going to have negativity towards Tony Little you are not going to be welcome on this blog...I will change the settings to block you and all your 97 email addresses.


Tricia said...

Don't be a Tony hater, you know you love him. YOU CAN DO IT!