Friday, March 19, 2010

No more poor me (Jennifer)

I spent a lot of the day yesterday feeling bad about my 1.5 loss. I was feeling discouraged and wanting more than that for my hard work. But it was a tough week as I posted, although I did stick to plan. I hadnt exercised much. And today I have a different take. I am going to stop feeling sorry for myself and increase my exercise this week. I know I said this in an earlier post but the more I think of it, the more I realize that I need to push myself more if I really want to get the results I desire. And after my walk/jog yesterday I felt great...physically and mentally. At least for a bit. But the rest of the day I felt exhausted like maybe I had overdone it. I wonder if this is the norm? I also did some yard work yesterday and lots of raking. It doesnt seem like much but when the rake is like a foot taller than you it makes the work a little tougher :) Who knew they made rakes for giants? By the end of the night I was wiped. Although I did get a second wind after dinner for a short while.
My daughter was up last night for some reason and therefore I was too. I am a girl who needs her sleep! I wish I didnt, but I do. So I was a bit cranky this morning which prompted me to take a different approach and stop feeling bad for myself. Instead this "take charge and help yourself" mood took over. I am actually excited to challenge myself and see where it gets me on the scale next week. I will push myself and be excited for the next weigh day. Trish called me this morning with her results. I will let her share them with you but she said she also had been hoping for more of a loss. And I guess it is easy to feel this way when your first week leaves you with such a big weight loss! I gave her this same pep talk that I gave myself. I hope it worked. She made a comment that she could have lost that much on Weight Watchers. And I immediately told her that that is not the case for me. I have already thought of that and that is why I am here today. Before medifast I was doing WW and pretty much maintaining my weight. WW is not as rigid and gave me a lot of room for failure without even realizing. I wasnt motivated enough for that to work for me. A bite of this and that and not counting did me in. The WW plan is awesome and I will use it to maintain, no doubt. But to actually get this weight off I have decided that after several years of failure I just need more structure for myeslf in order to succeed. To each his own I guess. I am committed to make this work and it is a matter of trial and error of what makes it work best for my body.

Today's reason of the day to lose weight:
To wear a belt. Not that I want it to hold up my pants but I would just like to wear one and have it look good. I can picure the outfit now. A nice pair of jeans with a white shirt tucked in and an open sweater over it. And a pair of boots with heels that I hopefully could walk in when there is less weight to shuffle around. I guess that is two reasons...even better :)

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