Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Weigh day tomorrow (Jennifer)

So today is day seven and I get to weigh myself tomorrow. There are no rules on how often you can weigh yourself but I decided once a week is best for me. It will keep my motivation stronger I hope. Today I survived a pizza party that was happening all around me. Like 5 people offered me pizza. I politely said no and had my crunch bar and water I brought. I tried to be prepared and left without eating pizza! For those of you who know is up there on my favorite things to eat list(although there are lots of things on that list...). This was my newest mini success. Medifast is so structured and rigid and it is so different for me to think this way! The old me would have eaten a piece or two without a thought and would have found a way to get another(and try not to look like a pig) if it was really good :( I will be sure to post tomorrow! Wish me luck :)


Karen, Ron, Ally and Shaylin said...

Good for you. I probably would have caved. Keep up the good work!!

Tricia said...

you will do so well and I am so excited to see your results!!