Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Food for Thought- Day 12 (Tricia)

Three days until weigh-in and I couldn't be more excited. I cant wait to see what results will come this week, even though I am very aware that it will not be as big of a loss as last week. I am hanging in there and I am not even tempted to eat something that is not on my diet. With that said, I really could go for a Blue Burger from Wendy's..mmm...Wendy's. And that is mostly thanks to the delicious commercials they show on TV. I guess I never realized how many commercials there are on TV for food. That's probably because if I wanted it, I got it..and ate it all! But now that I am not, I have become very aware of every food add there is and the catchy jingles that get stuck in my head. And I know at least once this week you caught yourselves singing "give me that fillet o'fish, give me that fish"! Don't lie. you did...or I just made you sing it in your head. Either way, way to go McDonald's. So, a little food for thought (yeah, I totally said it). I know we all have a responsibility to ourselves to keep us healthy. But how hard is it to resist eating the terrible foods when it is constantly in our faces? Our society as a culture has looked down upon us fluffy people and think of us as grotesque in a way. As a child, we are teased. And as we grow up, the teasing stops, but the staring doesn't. That is, until you try to make eye contact with someone and then they just look away. We are the proverbial elephant in the room. Even fat people judge other fat people for being fat.
So what makes us fluffy people different from the skinny person sitting next to us? Genetics? Will power? Self esteem? As I sit back in my chair and ponder the response to my own question, my real answer is: I have no idea why I am the way I am. I certainly do not like myself this way. I don't wake up in the morning and think how I can make myself fatter over the course of the day. I don't get excited when i squeeze into jeans that used to fit me 6 months ago. Perhaps for me the answer may be as simple as my desire for control. I cant control whats happening around me, but I can sure control what I put in my mouth, even if it is the ice cream and not the salad. I can control how much I eat, even if it is two double cheese burgers at the drive through, and you (the world) cant. But really, isn't it an antithesis? I am in control of my food, but out of control with my eating. And the answer to my dilemma, ironically, is more control. But this time, its control over myself. Knowing that I do control what I eat, but I am choosing to eat something healthy. Control over how much I eat to make sure I don't lick Nate's plate clean when he is done.
So, I challenge YOU, my over weight friends out there to have a conversation with yourself and ask: What is the difference between you and the skinny girl next to you? I bet you surprise yourself with the answer.


Karen, Ron, Ally and Shaylin said...

Okay, I will admit it when you wrote the part about the fillet o' fish...I sang it. Then when I read your food for thought, I thought it was very well put!

setbro72 said...

I had to post a response to this one! That last sentence, "what is the difference between you and that skinny girl sitting next to you" is one I've actively tried to figure out by observation. The answer I think is pretty complicated especially when it comes to women. I'm just going to share what I've seen about the roles we fill in life, and how our body image plays into that. Due to my ex being a personal trainer, I've known dozens of women who were once considered obese then lost a great deal of weight. VERY common issues many of the women had was loss of friends, jealousy, snide remarks and reminders from other women about their former weight, and of course sudden jealousy from their husbands. Most people gained weight right back, I think for some they did it on purpose. One woman even said, "I want my friend back, so I'm eating." Her unspoken role was the 'fat, funny' one. Her friend was the 'pretty' one. Changing that role, changed that relationship and she decided that her friendship was more important. We all have many roles; spouses, sons, daughters, co-workers, friends etc. These roles dictate to some degree everything about us. If my role as a good son depended on my achievements for example, maybe I'd be big shot attorney in apparent good shape but with a closet cocaine habit. Or maybe I'd be a Police officer who beats and controls his wife even down to the food she eats to keep her skinny. Maybe she'd be your friend or not know you at. just be the skinny girl who sits down next to you.

Jennifer said...

Setbro72-what a great comment!Thanks!