Monday, March 29, 2010

Tony Little (Jennifer)

I usually dont abandon the blog for the whole weekend but it was a busy one! We had company this weekend. But...I did manage to exercise! On Friday night Steven and I decided to give Tony Little a whirl. It has been a while since we have done his DVD. We are both firm believers in him and his weight loss method as we saw 40 lbs melt off of me( I gained 20 back from the steroids the dr had me on though) the last time we used his DVD. We both had firmed up a lot and noticed a huge difference in metabolism. It is pretty much a 20 minute workout consisting of 8 exercises(each 2 minutes or less) that you do on your own level (beginnner, intermediate, and advanced.) I started out with 3 lb weights this time and did intermediate/advanced on all the exercises. I used to be able to use 5lb weights and do advanced but I will work myself back up to that point with time. I find Tony Little to be so motivating and inspirational. There is just something about him. And other people must agree because I know lots of people who started to do his DVD when my weight started coming off. It boosts your metabolism with simple exercises. It also firms you up pretty good. That is what I am aiming for although a better metabolism will definately help especially when the day comes for me to transition off Medifast. My husband even enjoys Tony Little so we work out together when we can. He gives us both a great workout, yet it is pretty simple and quick. Anyway...enough of my infomercial for Tony Little. But what works right? and let me tell you...24 hours after I worked out I was really feeling it!!! I got back into Tony Little because I gave my friend Karen his dvd the other day. HAve you tried it yet Karen?

On Saturday my inlaws came but I managed to take a walk before. I did my usual walk and then decided to go check out the path to the lake. So Sugar and I walked it and it was beautiful. We walked back to our regular end point and then jogged home. I figure maybe it was 3 miles all together with about a mile jogged and 2 walked. Not bad! Then last night I was feeling tired so I was not going to work out. But Steven was going to regardless. So I muttered some cranky words but made myself do it. I decided I would take it "easy" and walk on the treadmill...with incline. I experienced a totally different form of exercise for myself and was shocked with the results. I put it on a 10 incline and speed of 2.5 which is a slower walking speed(for me). But since the the incline was on 10 I was really doggin' it! It was a different feeling than when I walk outside or when I jog. It felt like my lungs were getting a workout. I was huffin and puffin pretty hard but didnt have that uncomfortable I cant wait to stop feeling like when I jog. I did the full 30 minutes and realized that I had burned more calories than when I get on there with a walk/jog. I was almost at 300 calories and I was so motivated that I put the treadmill on 6 mph for 2 minutes which is a lot for me. But I did it and there was that regular exercise feeling I got. I felt so accomplished with my 300 calories burned especially since I wasnt even going to work out. Props to my husband for the motivation :)

Another thing I realized this weekend is that the last time my inlaws were here I really struggled with all the "goodies" everyone was eating, and with eating out. It wasnt until last night that I realized that I wasnt tempted much at all this weekend. Well, except for the Wegmans sub Steven was eating on Saturday. Now...for that I will admit that I was totally drooling over just the smell of it. I picked it up and sniffed and shut my eyes. I must have really looked like a fat girl at that point...but...I was a fat girl in control!!! Whoopie! It was at that point that I knew what my first non Medifast meal would be when the day comes. In moderation of course...
But all in all the weekend was a success! Medifast has made me very aware of all the foods out there that I am not eating that I normally would be...and their nutritional values(well...usually the lack there of).

Tonight is Zumba and I am excited. Chicken and a veggie for dinner tonight.

Today's reason for losing weight:
*to see a picture of myself and not think "OMG...I look so fat". This kinda happened to me yesterday. We colored eggs this weekend and I asked Steven to take some pics of the girls. I was in some and when I saw them I thought..."wow, maybe I AM making progress." Dont be mistaken...I was certainly not thinking that I looked great or thin...but I did see a difference :)


Laura said...

Sounds like you had a really successful weekend! And got a ton of exercise in! Great job!


Karen said...

I didn't try the DVD yet. I had such a busy weekend (I know, not an excuse) but I was sooo tired and I also had a headache all weekend that any extra bouncing made my head feel like it was going to explode. As busy as I was, I think I did everything in slow motion. I will do it soon.

Karen said...

Hey, Ally will not be going to the egg hunt on Friday, just Shaylin.