Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ugh... (Jennifer)

Normally I would be excited about my weigh in on Thursday morning. And this week has gone by pretty fast. But thanks to mother nature and the fact that I am a woman I am dreading it this week. I feel huge, bloated, and just uncomfortable. I dont want to work out in the slightest. I have stayed on plan 100% but I honestly feel that if I were to get on the scale this very moment it would yell at me and tell me to get off and come back on a different day. haha. So I have this battle going on inside my head. If I still feel this way come Thursday morning (is it even possible to get rid of the bloat by then?) do I still suck it up and get on the scale or wait until I am back to feeling normal again? Do I accept whatever number comes on there even if it is a gain and hope for better next week? Because at this second I feel like it will definately be a gain. I feel huge. I am taking in water and more water and my body is definately just holding onto it. But weigh in is a day and a half away so I am just hoping for the best :)

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Tricia said...

You will do fine. And if you are up, you know why. Its not like you are cheating or anything. And, if you are only down a little, just think of how much farther you will be down next week. Look at the end result in a month and not just this one weigh in. And no matter what, remember we are all behind you. YOU CAN DO IT (thank you Tony Little)