Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I am committed (Jennifer)

Weigh in is tomorrow and I am nervous. Still feel all bloated but I decided not to stress over it. I feel good just knowing that I am on the program and helping myself. There isnt any guilt. And while there might be disappointment on the scale tomorrow I will hope for a better weigh in next time. But enough about that. Why stress over something I cant help, right?
The other day I had a dr appt and they were unfamiliar with Medifast. But then the dr chimed in and realized that he had heard of this program and they were doing something with it down at one of the hospitals. And I get nervous that when I tell someone about it that they will be a "hater" and tell me something negative. But so far Trish and I have seen 4 doctors between the two of us and they have all been all for it. So the dr was asking me all sorts of questions about it and said he and his wife may be interested!! And then when I told him who my dr was that put me on it he got even more interested because that dr is actually his friend he has known for years. He said that my other dr is a great dr and doesnt take anything lightly( I figured that out the first time I saw him, a very intelligent man) and if he is backing this plan then it must be something great. He then asked me a ton more questions and I felt so prepared answering them! I was like excited that I was part of this. It was at that point that I realized that I am totally committed. Although I should have realized that while I was watching my family eat McDonalds :) And regardless of what the scale shows tomorrow morning...I am committed and will continue meal at a time.

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